Mauricio Ochmann

Mauricio Ochmann was born on November 16, 1977. Although he was born in Washington D.C., he grew up in Celaya, Guanajuato state of Mexico.He is engaged with his co-star actress Aislinn Derbez. Mauricio is the father of a daughter, named Lorenza.

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Mauricio Ochmann’s movies

He had some play roles in a few movies like: Message in a Bottle (where he played with Kevin Costner). Ladies Night (2003), 7 mujeres, 1 homosexual y Carlos (2004), Ver, oir y callar (2005), Tres (2005), Corazon marchito (2007), A la mala (2015), Entrenando a mi papa (2015). He has a few projects on going, but they do not provide with a release date: Lapaloma y el cuervo, Lluvia adentro, Los caminos del señor.

Mauricio Ochmann’s telenovelas

Although he participated in a few movies, he is mostly known from the characters he played in telenovelas. We all know that male characters need to be very attractive, and given his good looks he could be often seen playing in those series. He played in La cosa (1997), Azul tequila (1998), Hablame de amor (1999), That’s life (2000), Como en el cine (2001), Mirada de mujer, el regreso (2003), Amarte asi, Frijolito (2005), Marina (2006), Decisiones (2007), Dame chocolate (2007), Victoria (2007), Victorinos (2009), El Clon (2010), El sexo debil (2011), Rosa diamante (2012), Capadocia (2012), Noches Con Platanito (2013-2015), El Señor de los Cielos (2013-2015), Azul Violeta (2015), Mextasy (2015), El chema (2016). With some many roles he managed to raise a net worth of $245million.

Hobbies and relax

Although he is the man dream for many women, it seems that Mauricio Ochmann is available only for his fiancée and for “su hija” (his daughter), Lorenza. He admits that if anybody wants to maintain his body healthy, one needs to have a balanced life. He says that his daughter and his fiancée make him happy and make him smile all the time.

When he is asked what was the things that made him attracted to Aislinn Derbez that made him ask her to be his girlfriend, he says that she is a very sensitive person and he likes the way she want to improve herself constantly. He also loves her beauty, inside and outside. When he talks about love, he says that a women, in order to win his heart, needs to be honest, to have a good heart, to respect him and to love him. He admits that the happiest moment of his life was his daughter was born.

When he wants to relax, he likes to go camping, because being in the nature makes him feel light. He likes to travel, to meet new people and discover new places. He likes to enjoy the quiet, and sometimes he thinks that a moment of silence is what you need in order to move on. He enjoys meditating, because it helps him relax and think quietly about the things in his life. He is a constant improver of his life, both physic and psychic.

He is a convinced familyist. In his opinion family is what a men has more valuable in his life. Temptations can come and gone but one thins will always remain by your side, and that’s family. He hopes that in the future, his fiancée will give him a child.

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 15 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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