Melissa George

Melissa Suzanne George is an Australian actress. She is well known for her Australian soap opera, Home and away. She has appeared in many American sitcoms like, Friends, Grey’s anatomy etc. Melissa met Claudio Dabed, a film director in Bali in 1998. They started dating and got married after two years. In 2011, the couple announced their decision of divorce. Melissa immediately started dating Russell Simmons, a hip hop mogul. In the same year, she met Jean David Blanc, founder of AlloCine and started dating him. She announced that she is carrying Blanc’s child in 2013. There was no announcement about their marriage. In 2014, they had their first son. She announced in August 2013 that she is expecting a baby with her boyfriend, Jean.

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When she talked about her failed relationship with Caludio, she said that she gave her former husband, a five year notice on certain issues which were not resolved. After they announced their separation, she dated Russell. She refused to mention the cause of the separation, but, said that her desire to have children was the biggest one. She said that she wants to carry a child to a man, who wants it. She said that she did the best thing when it came to separation. Claudio has a teenage daughter from his first wife. There were rumors that Claudio did not want to have another child, other than his daughter. Melissa confirmed that her relationship with her stepdaughter is smooth and will always remain as her caretaker.

She said that she did not want to involve in a relationship which did not provide her needs as a woman or the things that she badly wanted. Her former lover affairs are not known much to the public. After her separation, she longed for a family and that was when she met Russell. She said that the reason for the split with Russel was due to the failure of long distance relationship. Russel tweeted that she texted him informing that the long distance relationship is not working for her and it is better to be separated.

But, soon after this news, she was seen kissing Jean at the BAFTA award function. There were rumors as whether the relationship with Jean was the reason for the split. She was also having an on and off relationship with Simmons, who was 20 years elder to her, before her relationship with Claudio. Claudio was also 12 years elder to her. It was assumed that Melissa had a thing for older men, but, she started dating Russel and Jean who were not too older than her.

Dieter Brummer of Home and Away stated that he requested the director to kill his character in the show that he would not be near, Melissa. The reason for this was said to be an incident where Melissa threatened to leave the set because of the rumors about the chemistry working between them on the set. At this time, she was dating Jean and maybe, she did not want to screw things up with him, with a bunch of rumors.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 6 Aug, 1976
Age: 43 yrs
Occupations: Actor
Television actor
Film actor
Citizenship: Australia
United States of America
Birth Place: Perth
Gender: Female
Description: Australian-American actress
Net Worth 2021: 5 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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