Bernie Ecclestone

Bernard Charles Ecclestone is an English business magnate. He is the CEO of Formula One Administration and Formula One Management. He is also known as F1 Supremo. He has been married thrice till date. His first wife was Ivy with whom he has a daughter. He has a great grandson through his daughter. He was married to Slavica Ecclestone for almost 23 years and in 2008, Slavica announced that she has filed for a divorce. She moved out of the family house. He got separated from her in 2009. In 2012, he got engaged to Fabiana Flosi and got married in the same year in a secret ocassion. During the time of the marriage, Bernie was 82 and Flosi was 35. This age difference made the wedding, the talk of the town.

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Salvica is paying 100 million dollars per year. According to reports, Slavica is supposed to receive payments from Bernie and not pay him. However, Salvica is paying Bernie to keep a secret behind the doors. Bernie was forced to pay Salvica one billion dollar during the separation.

His wedding with Flosi was supposed to be kept as a secret and it got leaked to the public. It is said that he was embarrassed about the age difference and most of the sources consider that he wanted to look single to draw ladies to him. Some reports say that he vowed to remain single for the rest of his life and was embarrassed to tell people that he said, ‘I do’ again. His girlfriends and wives do not talk much about him. There are no reports about what FLosi thinks of her new husband.

There are a lot of problems which relate to his business life. He said that his marriage life is also a troubled one. The money that he owns failed to bring him happiness. This is the reason for the separation according to him.

There were a lot of rumors about Bernie having an affair. He was seen walking into an exclusive restaurant with a woman. She was an African American woman and is unidentified till date. Though there are many rumors about him cheating on his wives, none of the rumors were proved nor commented by Bernie. His relationship with his ex-partners, old flames and his children are not known to public. He never talked about his marital life in public. He keeps his interviews strictly about the business. A lot of personalities tend to follow this method. This keeps the public out of the personal issues and avoids a lot of rumors, stereotypical comments and problems.

The most common rumor among the people is that his latest partner is also expected to live a lot. A few think that third time is a charm. However, the age difference of more than 4 decades years and his enormous money are forcing people to believe that this would also become history in a few years. He did not talk about his recent wedding or his new life with Flosi. Flosi is also inert to the media. She never commented on any rumors or questions about the secret wedding.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 28 Oct, 1930
Age: 89 yrs
Occupations: Formula One driver
Citizenship: United Kingdom
Birth Place: Bungay
Gender: Male
Description: British business magnate
Spouse: Slavica Ecclestone[1985-2009]
Net Worth 2021: 3.4 billion
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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