Slavica Ecclestone

Slavica Ecclestone is a former Croatian model and ex-partner of Bernie Ecclestone, CEO of Formula One. She became famous after been listed in the top richest divorcees category. She got separated from her former husband, Bernie Ecclestone in 2008. As a part of the divorce settlement, she was offered 740 million pounds in 2009. Slavica was married to Bernie for about 25 years and have two daughters with him.

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Most of the family fortune was under her name when Bernie was undergoing his third bypass surgery. This friendly divorce made Bernie keep 2/3rd of his fortune. She met Bernie in the pit. Bernie was angry to see a girl in the pit and asked her to move. She said that it is her duty and she would not. Bernie became angry and shouted, ‘Out!’. Slavica did not know that Bernie was her employer and said that she would kick him if he come near her. Bernie was impressed by her feisty nature and introduced him and asked for a date.

Slavica did not believe him and asked the photographer, whether Bernie is in charge of Formula One. When Bernie met Slavica, he already had a girlfriend, Tuana Tan. He was her boyfriend for 17 years. Tan was taking care of all the chores in his house and was also dedicated to him. Later, they spent a week in Las Vegas and that started their 25 years of journey. After the week, he came back to Tan and explained his affair with Slavica and said that she is pregnant with his child. Tan insisted that he would be happy with her. However, Bernie said that Slavica would not let him see his child if they are not married. Tan left Bernie and Slavica became his next lover.

Slavica again blackmailed him that if he does not live in London, she would move away from him with his daughter. The marriage was arranged without any party or photos. He did not want to get married but, wanted to be around his daughter. They went out for a wedding dinner and there was no table available. He said to his new wife to take a cab and go home.

She crushed his normal life and changed everything around him. He started to spend a lot to make her happy. She never was a partner that Bernie wanted. She used to make his daughters ignore his birthdays and was very angry when his daughter from his first marital life, Debbie came to visit.  She forbade him from attending his mom’s funeral because Debbie was in the church. There were a lot of incidents where Slavica would verbally curse him in front of all. She used to shout at him even before her daughter’s fiancé.

After reaching 50, her anger doubled. She once moved to Brazil to her daughter’s lover’s house and asked for a separation from Bernie. She said that she cannot live with a workaholic and she wants to travel. They tried reconciliation, but it did not work and thus, the relationship ended in separation, making Bernie free and Slavica, a billionaire.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 25 May, 1958
Age: 61 yrs
Occupations: Model
Citizenship: Croatia
Birth Place: Rijeka
Gender: Female
Description: Croatian former model
Spouse: Bernie Ecclestone[1985-2009]
Net Worth 2021: 1.2 billion
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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