Meri Brown

In early 2017, Meri's daughter Mariah came out as gay to her family. The news of which Meri took a hard time accepting. She said she always wanted a son of her own, and expected her daughter to one day get married to a man, and have kids of her own, giving Meri grandkids. She expected to be able to call her daughters husband her son, but now is disappointed this will never happen. Mariah's coming out is just the latest in a number of incidents to cause a rift between mother and daughter.
Less than two years ago the family was rocked to its core when Meri was catfished by a woman pretending to be a man, and she got emotionally entangled. Mariah has still been upset with her mother for feeling affection for the (fake) man and likened what her mother did to an affair, even though there was no physical betrayal.

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It has taken some time for Meri to come to terms with her daughters sexuality. But in the end she has accepted it and realized this does not mean Meri will never have grandkids. Overall, this has brought her even closer to her daughter and she is very proud that Mariah felt comfortable enough to come out as gay to her family.

As of 2017, there are many rumors spreading about Meri Brown. Some of which suggest she has had a falling out with the rest of the Brown family and is now living separately away from Kody and the other sister wives. The family has been seen appearing at various events and gatherings, but Meri was suspiciously absent. This is leading many to believe that she has decided to go her separate ways and live her life without the her ex-husband and the other wives. Adding fuel to the fire, there were rumors that Meri may have had an affair while she was still with Kody Brown in their marriage. The rumors also state that she may still be with this affair partner and may be dating him. These are all unconfirmed, but the fact Meri hasn't been seen with the other wives or her ex husband leads many to believe there may be some truth here.

Meri also has a somewhat large social media following. She has thousands of followers on her twitter account and even more followers on her very populated Instagram account, to which she posts quite often. This social media accounts, plus her proceeds from her book which she co authors with her ex husband Kody Brown, suggests her net worth to be fairly high. There are no officlal reports of how much she has earned for either the book nor her TV show, but estimates suggest a potential net worth value of over $500,000 is fair to assume.

According to her biography, there is no information regarding her net worth alone, but her ex-husband Kody Brown’s net worth is expected to be around $800,000.

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Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 400 thousand
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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