Michael C. Hall

Michael Hall is known for his acting in well known TV serial Dexter, which was aired in 2006. Apart from being a star in a TV Serial, he acted as main character in certain Hollywood movies. Currently well known in Hollywood, he has acquired the status of celebrity and his net worth is pegged at $35 Million.

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More than his acting carrier, he was known for his relationships with multiple women and series of re-marriages over span of 20 years (1994-2014). He is known in Hollywood circles as a womanizer, who loves to flirt.

He met Amy Spenger on Broadway show, where they came close to each other and eventually, married in 2002. Before that, they were dating for nearly 4 years, on a regular basis. It seemed that everything was going perfectly. Their marriage went on successfully till Michael met another girl of his interest, Jennifer Carpenter. Both were secretly dating, but their secret got revealed to his wife. Eventually, Amy filed for divorce in year 2006.

Having got rid of Amy, Michael continued his life journey with his new girlfriend and got married to her in 2008. She is the lady who played his sister in TV show ‘Dexter’ and both were involved in each other.

After living some part of his life with his newlywed wife, both amicably filed for divorce in 2010 and eventually dissolved their marriage, in year 2011. Even though there were rumors about Michael being involved in another relationship, the couple insisted on calling it, a friendly split.

After the split, Michael was rumored to be having affair with couple of girls. However, since then, he seems to have stopped being in a relationship. One of his girlfriends is said to have striking resemblance with his 2nd Ex-Wife.

With the information which is floating across media and internet, anyone can make out, that none of his wives has any boyfriend during their marriage period and it was Michael who was unofficially flirting and dating, all along.

By looking at the behavioral aspect of Michael, it was obvious that no women can be with him after certain period of time, as his quickly loses interest in her. He stays away from the glare of the media as he wants to avoid being questions about his multiple partners. It appears that Michael gets interested in any girl who is beautiful and who is sexually appealing. He has had a long list of affairs. Michael C. Hall is well know TV Series actor and has a net worth of $35 Million.

Being continued his journey to explore beautiful ladies, Michael is currently fighting with cancer, which was discovered, when he was 39. He was fortunate enough to get it detected, in early stages. This may be an additional reason, why Michael has given up on the decision of tying knot with anyone, he is dating. He knows that he would not be able to perform all his marital duties with the health problems, he is suffering from.

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 25 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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