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Michael James Holmes, a famous TV personality and professional residential home improvement contractor from Canada is considered as the host of Holmes on Homes. Born on August 03, 1963, Mike is a Canadian residential. He learnt the art of homemaking and construction as a gift from his father. He was taught construction by his father from an early age when he was only six year.

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Broadcast on HGTV Canada, Holmes on Homes first started in 2001. Holmes on Homes was conceived when Holmes approached the producers of the Just Ask Jon Eakes home improvement show on HGTV with the idea for a show relevant to a new kind of home improvement . Although there were few submissions to the show initially, their number had ballooned by the fourth season. Holmes, in the first episode of the fourth season, stated that he received hundreds of e-mails per week from people asking him for help.

As the show evolved, it generally focused on bad renovations and the results of bad contractors. His exceptional work includes making sustainable homes in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. That became a one-season series, while he replace a home in the Lower Ninth Ward. Holmes began a new series in 2009 called Holmes Inspection that profiles home inspections gone wrong. The series started airing in fall 2009 on HGTV Canada. Also on 2012 present another TV series called Best of Holmes on Homes which was featuring clips from Holmes on Homes, brought together on a common theme, to illustrate home problems. Around his personal motto, “make it right”, mike started a series focuses on natural disasters and bad home inspections or bad contractor work.

The series called Holmes makes it right. His concern for the mother earth can be gauged from his eco-friendly homes in Alberta, Canada. Mike is a perfectionist and he is very particular about his pencils. He is also a judge on ‘Handyman Superstar Challenge’ and its American counterpart ‘All American Handyman’. In late April 2015, Fox reported another eight scene Holmes-facilitated show entitled Home Free, which debuted on July 22. The show featured nine couples who live in a rundown home for a week while they set it up.

At the end of the week, the couple with the worst handiwork is dispensed with, until the last two groups go after their dream home. Obscure to the contestants as they were contending, each dispensed with couple was granted the home that they were taking a shot at in the scene they were eliminated in.

“A home is way more than brick and mortar,” says Home Free host Mike Holmes. “So being part of this new series and partnering with Fox is truly exciting for me. I’m ready to break ground with these couples.” “We’re thrilled to have host Mike Holmes, the most legit name in renovation,” says producer and Relativity Television CEO Tom Forman.

Mike never fight about a career on television. It was an accident. Holmes wrote two books- Home Renovations with Canada’s Most Trusted Contractor and Holmes Inspection. He is acknowledged not only as an extraordinary craftsperson but also as an accomplished master builder. Mike set up his “Holmes foundation” in 2006, which was meant to encourage young people to understand the intricacies of that work. Not just construction, Mike is well known for his contribution through the SOS children’s village.

The Canadian house of common has recognized this personality for his promotion of skilled trades. Additionally, his reality shows Holmes Inspection, Holmes on Homes and his latest endeavor Holmes Makes It Right, air in multiple countries of the world. Mike Holmes’s first love affair was with contracting. He was named second most widely trusted person in Canada by Reader’s Digest in 2010 and has received many awards for his successful work. The Forbes has ranked him the third most trustworthy celebrity in the world. The trust factor is an x-factor this personality possesses.

When Mike Holmeswas only 19, he got married to a woman named Alexandra Lorex. After his marriage, he began his career as a contractor. The same year, he started his first contracting company with 13 employees. Mike is a great cook and loves to experiment while at kitchen. The contractor credits his father for the cooking skills he possesses. He is not just a contractor but a resourceful contractor too. At the age of 21, he became the father of a sweet little daughter, named Amanda. Later, he founded his own renovation company. With time, Mike’s family grew, consisting of a middle daughter Sherry and youngest son Mike HolmesJr. Two of his three children, Mike Jr. and Sherry Holmes, work with his regular work crew on Holmes Inspection. Mike is now very proud that his children have followed his footsteps. Another daughter, Amanda, works in Mike’s office. By the age of 25, Mike was a husband, father of three young kids and a successful businessman.

He is the mastermind behind running two companies successfully in his first twenty years of career. The discussions and suggestions Mike has on home improvement is not just a matter of fashion or latest trends but are connected with all the relevant details like longevity and durability.

It said that every coin has two sides, the recession hit Holmes’s young family along with his entire company and construction industry. Mike went bankrupt and the condition was that he thought of a positive result by selling his business. He started finding himself a burden on his family and this way his marriage crumbled. He never lived in a finished house. Mike would spend most of his time in his workshop or garage or fixing other people houses but his own was never done. He had to sell his car and Mike and his wife were apart from each other most of the time as he would be busy settling up his work again. Soon after he got separated from his wife. Mike and his wife were divorced when he was 30.

Mike is not married at present. He is in a relationship with his long-time girlfriend Anna Zapia, a showroom model, whom he refers to as his wife. Mike and Anna live in a mansion in Georgetown. They both have many tropical pets which include polar bear, cobra, and an iguana named Pippa.

Quick Facts
Marital Status: Not known
Profession: Journalism
Date of Birth: December, 1960
Nationality: Australian
Employer: CNN International
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Last Modified: Jun 30 2016
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