Russel L Honore


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Lieutenant General Honore was born in 1947 and brought up in Lakeland Louisiana. He claims to be an African American Creole, which is a mix of African, American Indian, Spanish, and French. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Vocational Agriculture from the A&M College and his masters in Human resources from the Troy State University. He was also given an honorary Doctorate in Law and Humane Letters by Stillman College.


Lt. General Honore had served in various assignments including the post of Commanding General First Army, Commanding General 2nd Infantry Division in Korea, Deputy Commanding General at the United States Army Infantry Centre and School located in Fort Benning, Georgia. He has also served as Brigade Commander, Senior Mechanized Observer, National Training Centre, Commander of 4th Battalion, 16th Infantry Brigade, 1st infantry Division in Germany. He has also led the Department of Defense in its management of Hurricane Rita and Katrina. He has also led over 220000 military personnel, 20 ships, and 200 aircrafts in the recovery tasks performed in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. He joined CNN as the emergency preparedness contributor. His functions at CNN include reviewing the actions taken by the government during crisis situations and the recovery actions performed by it. He also provides necessary help in disaster management, recovery, and response in reaction to the reports given by CNN during natural disasters and other crisis filled situations.

Awards and Accolades

Lt. General Honore has been honored with numerous awards and recognitions throughout his career which include the Mc Donalds 365 Black Award in 2010, the Acadian Museum Order of Living Legends and Southern University Alumni Federation honoree in the year 2009, Key to the City, Riverdale, Georgia and Key to the City, St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana in the year 2007, and many more.

General Honore has used his 37 years’ experience in military to lead organizations and businesses in a bold and straightforward manner aiding them to be prepared well for the challenges they will face in the future. He has more than one occasion shown how the private and public sector can solve the issues that they face daily by proper risk assessment, social entrepreneurship, and giving importance to innovation.

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Quick Facts
Profession: Emergency preparedness contributor, Professor and Director
Salary: Not revealed
Date of Birth: He was born in 1947
Nationality: American
Employer: CNN, Crawford & Company, Emory University
Last Modified : Mar 25 2016