Sade Baderinwa

Folasade Olayinka Baderinwa was born on April 14, 1969, in Baltimore Maryland where she grew up. Her mother is a German citizen, while her father is of Nigerian descent. Sade’s birth name Folasade is an uncommon name holding a strong symbolistic meaning, with “honor earns a crown”  and proves that names can play a role in upbringing as it appeared to with Folasade. Unfortunately, due to completely separate backgrounds and incompatibility, her parents ended their marriage when she was still very young. This led to her adoption by Edie House, a middle-class African American family where they raised her until she was in her twenties. Despite being adopted, she still visits with her biological father and family.

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Folasade studied at the University of Maryland College Park in pursuit of a business career even though she was fated to become a journalist instead. At an early age, it is said she was able to clearly express her views and convince people of them. Folasade has since been actively pursuing her journalist career since the year 2000. Initially, she started as a production assistant for World News Tonight, Nightline, and This Week with David Brinkley among many others. It was after this that she began working as a trainee reporter for WUSA-TV in Washington D.C.

Folasade was also a reporter for WSLS located in Roanoke, Virginia. She then strategically changed jobs to WBAL-TV in Baltimore. She was the anchor for the morning as well as the noon newscasts. She also anchored a community affairs show that appeared weekly on WBAL-TV. Beginning her career with WABC allowed her to work from her hometown of Baltimore, and she anchored for WBAL-TV for three years, replacing Roz Adams on channel 7 who had left WBAL-TV in 2003 for the 5 pm and 11 pm news slots. Her time with WBAL-TV was not only the true beginning of her career as newscaster but also her commitment to the community around her. The year after, in 2004 when Folasade began working for Eyewitness News, she was hit by a car during her report of a local flood in Hackensack, New Jersey where she was forced to undergo multiple surgeries. It was not until December 13, 2004, where she was able to return to work again on Eyewitness News.

Having appeared on various shows while working on WABC, Folasade was co-anchor alongside Diana Williams on the 5 o'clock news where she co-anchored mid-day broadcasts. On October 27, 2006, she appeared as a guest co-anchor for The View. Originally a substitute for Liz Cho, she became co-host of the 11 pm news with Bill Ritter. Folasade is known for having a single scandal with her boyfriend Martin J.O Malley, who was both the Mayor of Baltimore City as well as a married man. Folasade became pregnant through their affair and soon the news of her pregnancy spread like wildfire appearing all over the internet.

After the leak, Martin's wife, Catherine, learning of this betrayal it is speculated she was found making death threats to Folasade. This, in turn, made her regret her affair and move to New York, however, she was still unable to escape Catherine's long reaching grasp. It was then after her move that Catherine had plotted an incident where Folasade was injured in a car accident. Even investigators found the driver to be guilty of essentially a hit and run at a red light. From the accident, she suffered from broken ribs, as a broken arm, she was covered in bruises, and several complications from a concussion including double vision, nausea, sensitivity to light and headaches. Leaving her bedridden for nearly four months, it was only later that she claimed that she was a passenger in a car and not mowed down otherwise, but it is under speculation if this was not used as a cover-up or not for reasons that Folasade left untouched upon.

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Quick Facts
Profession: Journalism
Salary: $362,560
Date of Birth: April 14, 1969
Nationality: American
Employer: WABC-TV
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Last Modified : Mar 18 2018