Michelle Caruso-Cabrera

Michelle Caruso Cabrera is a business news reporter on CNBC TV. She co-hosted the Worldwide Exchange in ET. She also hosted a program with Bill Griffeth.  According to her personal data, she is married in 1999 to her husband, Paulo Lima and other details of her marriage are not known. They got divorced, but the exact date and other details about the separation are not known to the public. She does not have any children from this relationship. It was said that she couldn’t be happy, being married to him and she filed for the divorce. They got separated, within a very few years.

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Michelle and Paulo were not accused of having any extramarital relationship which would have destroyed their marital life. They were also not involved in dirty activities during and after the separation. There was no drama about child support and custody battle as they did not have any children. With the given information, it is pretty obvious that the separation was a mutual decision and it had no other intention, whatsoever.

Paulo never talked about his former wife in the media. He was inert to the media and thus, his comments about the relationship are not known. Moreover, the details regarding who, Paulo Lima is are missing to track down.  With Paulo out of the sight and Michelle not ready to reveal her personal details, there is nothing much to share about her, in terms of her personal life.

Some sources indicate that she was married in 1999, to Jonathan Steinberg, an investor. Her boyfriends are not publicly known. She started to become more famous only by 2011 and things that happened in her life before 2007 are just a mystery, unless she opens up. Jonathan was not available to comment on this relationship rumor and as usual, Michelle did not want to express her personal feelings and decisions to the public.

In 2008, it was rumored that she was Gary Parr’s girlfriend. Gary Parr is a Wall Street investor and deputy chairman of Lazard FrA res & Co. He was 50 years old and a divorced dad. He was known for his wining and dining activities with journalists and his affair had Michelle’s name on it. There was no proof or comment from any concerned parties about the incident. When CNBC’s spokesperson was requested to provide a comment, he refused to comment on the personal life of their employee. When asked whether Michelle was forbidden to date the person she was covering for the news, the spokesperson denied to provide information.

Michelle did not comment on this incident. She refused to accept or deny the relationship with Gary. Gary was not available to provide his insight about this rumor. The rumors did not last for long as there were no pictures of them together, after that incident. Neither Gary nor Michelle ever tagged each other as their lovers or as their dates. Thus, this relationship was considered to be either a one time relationship or a rumor. With no evidence to prove the intention, it was considered to be a rumor.

Quick Facts
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Marital Status: Divorced
Ex. Husband: Paulo Lima
Profession: Reporter
Employer: CNBC
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Net Worth: $3 Million Dollars
Date of Birth: 1967
T.V. Show(s): Power Lunch, Morning Call, Wake Up Call
Alma Mater: Wellesley College
Nationality: Ameriacn
Birth Place: America
Marriage Date: 1999
Birth Date: 30 Nov, 1968
Age: 51 yrs
Occupations: Journalist
Citizenship: United States of America
Education: Wellesley College
Gender: Female
Description: American journalist
Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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