Mishal Husain

In her personal life, Mishal tied the knot with Meekal Hashmi in the month of July 2003 and presently is a mother of three sons with the eldest one born in 2004 followed by twins in 2006. Besides the specifications of her career which have been mentioned above, there are a lot of other activities in which she has involved herself until now. For instance, she is one of the judges for the Media Awards of Amnesty International, appeared on a show called Gandhi presented by BBC in 2012 and anchored the coverage of Summer Olympics in BBC in the year 2012.

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Apparently, Husain is not the only literate member of her family; her father is a college graduated that attended Army Burn College which is based in Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Furthermore, Syed Shahid Hamid, her grandfather, served his nation’s army as a two-star general. In addition to that, Shahid had also served in the army of Britain during World War II. At age 2, Husain’s family shifted to the United Arab Emirates where her father offered his serves as a doctor to the residents.

Turning from that, Husain was recently involved in an interview at BBC that grew greatly controversial. As the interviewer, Husain was said to have conducted an embarrassingly bashing interview on the issue of Brexit as she interviewed Finbarr Dowling, Siemens director. Dowling fervently refused to debate on the matter relating to the impact of Brexit on the industry.

However, despite Dowling’s firm refusal to engage in a debate relating to the adversity of Brexit on the industry, Mishal spent significant time during the interview making attempts of luring Dowling to comment on the issue. In fact, after going through the interview transcript, one would agree that most of the interviewing time entailed desperate attempts by the presenter to trap the Siemens director into making controversial claims.

Cleary, Husain tried to drive the point that there was a disparity in perception on the EU between the Hull management and the workforce. However, being as savvy as he was, Mr. Dowling rationally expressed that democracy allows all that. Feeling unsatisfied, Mishal then posed an ill-researched question regarding the effect on exports only for Dowling to enlighten her that the turbines were only for England.

At the end, Husain again suggested that Siemens would not consider investing any more in Britain. But the Siemens director responded that if more train rolling stock orders came their way, Siemens would seize the opportunity by building new factories. Such an interview marked by a presenter with a formed mind was an embarrassment to Husain and her editors as well as the BBC itself.

Apart from Radio presenting, Mishal has cast in films as well including the Star Spell. In the series, Husain played as the word pronouncer and was a replacement to Nina Hossain. In the second series, Mishal still maintained that same role. In 2010, Husain made the cut on BBC’s Celebrity Mastermind. The Narnia books were Mishal’s specialized subject. As mentioned previously, Husain has as well served as an Amnesty International Media Awards judge. In 2012, she was gain associated with BBC as she cast in Gandhi in 2012.

Apart from her presenting and acting careers, Husain is reportedly a charity Mosaic ambassador. Generally speaking, Mosaic capitalizes on providing aid to young people, particularly those hailing from deprived societies, in the realization of their potential and talents. As a result, Husain, during the British Muslim Awards, received the Services to Media award.

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Quick Facts
Birth Date: 11 Feb, 1973
Age: 47 yrs
Occupations: News presenter
Citizenship: United Kingdom
Birth Place: Northampton
Education: Murray Edwards College
European University Institute
Gender: Female
Description: British journalist and news presenter
Twitter Id: Mishalhusainbbc
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Last Modified: Jun 22 2020
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