Nanette Mirkovich 

Nanette Mirkovich is an American actress best known for her role in Inside Out (1986). Erik Estrada has been her husband since September 20, 1997. They only have one child together.

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Background and Marriage

Nanette Mirkovich was born on June 11, 1959. She is a sound technician mostly known for being the wife of famous actor Erik Estrada, but she also played a small film called Inside Out. Nanette changed her name to Nanette Estrada in 1997 when she got married to her husband, Erik Estrada. Usually, people in the entertainment business keep their original names even after marriage because they don't want to confuse the public or press. Nanette chose to go the traditional route and adopted her husband's last name as her own. Nanette and Erik gave birth to one child. Nanette became the mother of Francesca Natalia Estrada when Francesca in 2000. Erik and Nanette were happy to bring a little girl into the world after three years of marriage.

Nanette was Erik's third attempt at finding long-lasting true love. Erik had two failed marriages before he got married to Nanette. Nanette and Erik first met each other while they were both exercising at the same gym. There have been scientific studies that confirmed that people are more open to the attraction after physical activities. The moment was right for Erik and Nanette to fall in love during their workouts. Their passion is significant to them, and it continues to grow strong every day.

Love Life with Eric Estrada

Nanette considers herself a romantic and likes to do extraordinary things for her husband to express how much she loves him. On one Valentine's Day, she bought Erik a hammock that was made entirely from candy. The creative gift was relaxing and delicious. She also purchased a Naughty and Spice basket of Snookies Cookies and delivered them to her husband to ignite their sexual passion. The basket contained many dirty and naughty gifts. Included in the gift set were candy panties, furry handcuffs, candyman pouch, lover's dice, body spice, lickable tattoos, glow in dark body paint, heart-shaped massager, and a feather plume. Sexy objects weren't the only things included in the gift set. The basket also contained food like chocolate-covered pretzels, marshmallow pops, brownies, and cookies.

Nanette doesn't keep her expressions of love exclusive only to Valentine's and other holidays. She regularly writes notes to her husband telling him that he is still the hottest thing she has ever been in her lifetime. Usually, the man takes the romantic role with love letters and gifts, but Nanette doesn't mind being the initiator of passion in their relationship. She enjoys being in a real-life love story and is willing to do anything she needs to so that their marriage remains strong.

Eric Estrada

Erik is a household name in the United States and gets recognized when he makes public appearances. He has been a famous actor since he starred in the television series CHIPs in the 1970s and 1980s. The television audience well-liked the show about motorcycle cops because it portrayed the police positively. Compared to today's landscape, where police are feared and suspected of corruption, Estrada's performance highlighted the idea of what good cops could be. Erik always wanted to become a cop because his mom was dating a cop when he was younger, and he had much love and respect for the man. But he got "bit by the acting bug, following a pretty blonde." In real life, Erik became a police officer many years after his CHiPs show.

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 4 million
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Last Modified: Sep 19 2021
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