Ottavia Busia

Published : Jul 23 2016 | Modified : Jul 23 2016

Ottavia Busia was born on 11th of July, 1965. Ottavia Busia's bio states that the place of her birth is the island of Sardinia, an island belonging to Ital. Ottavia is at the moment 51 years of age. From her wiki, we find out the fact that Ottavia's height is 1.70 centimeters, and her weight is 70 kilograms. No wonder she has an ideal weight at her height because her husband is the famous chef Anthony Bourdain. Ottavia Busia was born under the astrological Sun sign of Cancer. Although she is a Cancer in the horoscope, she really doesn't possess any traits of the Cancer sign. Cancers are known for their tenderness, emotionality, and melancholy. Ottavia is nothing like that. She isn't emotional nor tender. Since her early childhood, she was tough and involved in fights. At her early years, she began to train martial arts in Italy. Ottavia is mainly of the Italian ancestry. In her teenage years, she was a groupie of one band Ireland. Ottavia is at the moment not a 1% groupie; she is faithful to her famous husband, Anthony Bourdain.

Her famous chef husband, Anthony Bourdain, was born on the 25th of June, 1956. Anthony's biography states that his place of birth was New York City, New York, the United States. Anthony Bourdain is technically a giant - his height is 1.93 meters, which is an above-average height for an American male person. His weight is 85 kilograms. Anthony maintains his weight professionally since he is a famous chef and knows what is right or wrong food to eat. Anthony was born under the astrological Sun sign of Cancer, just like his current wife, Ottavia Busa. The full name given to Anthony Bourdain at the time of his birth was Anthony Michael Bourdain. Some other facts on Anthony Bourdain include that he was born to parents Pierre Bourdain, his father, and to Gladys Bourdain, his mom. Anthony's dad, Pierre, worked for the Columbia Records. His mom was a journalist at the New York Times. Anthony Bourdain is of American and French descent. He gained the love of cooking after he ate an oyster back in France where he was spending his summers with his parents.


Ottavia Bussia attended an elementary school on the island of Sardinia. After her elementary education, she went to a high school and graduated successfully from it. Her wiki says that she participated in several martial arts education programs. On the other hand, Ottavia's famous husband, Anthony Bourdain, first attended an elementary school in New York City. After his elementary education, he went to the Dwight-Englewood School. After graduating from the Dwight-Englewood school, Anthony enrolled at the Vassar College, but he dropped out from it. Later, he attended the Culinary Institute of America, according to his bio. His education in cooking and the talent for cooking earned him a net worth of $16 million. Anthony destroyed the stereotypes that men shouldn't cook.


Ottavia Busia Bourdain is a successful martial artist, she is specialized in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu, her bio says. Her husband, Anthony Bourdain, is a successful chef. He had several television culinary shows, and he also wrote several books on the topic of cooking. He was also the judge of several cooking contest TV shows. From his career in cooking and appearing on television shows, Anthony Bourdain earned a net worth of $16 million.

Personal Life

Ottavia Busia and her husband Anthony Bourdain got married in 2007. The difference in their age wasn't an obstacle for getting into marriage waters. The Busia-Bourdain doesn't have a lot of children - they have only one daughter, born in 2007. Ottavia and Anthony have a stable marriage, and they don't think about divorce at all.

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