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Ottavia and Anthony had one daughter named Ariane Bourdain who was born on April 9, 2007 in New York. She is the only child in her family. Ottavia and Anthony unfortunately decided to get a divorce in 2016 after nine years of a loving marriage. Anthony told People magazine that the two had slowly drifted apart but would focus on raising their daughter together, "My wife and I live, have lived, very separate lives for years...There's no drama here. We get along really, really well and it's not a big lifestyle change happening here."

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Unfortunately for Ariane and Ottavia, Ariane will have to learn about the world without the love and guidance of her father. In June of 2018, Anthony committed suicide in a French hotel while on assignment for one of his television programs. He was discovered dead in his room by a close friend and fellow chef. It is unknown if the stress of the divorce or another reason caused him to take his own life. It is speculated that he found out his new girlfriend was cheating on him with another man while she was away on a trip. Anthony was a survivor of heroin addiction from his early developing years and always sought help for his depression. The death was a tragedy and made many of his friends and family sad.

Ottavia stayed quiet about the suicide for a many days. She was understandably trying to process what happened and needed time to grieve. She finally broke her silence when she posted a photo of their daughter with the caption, "Our little girl had her concert today," Busia wrote to her late ex on Instagram along with a photo of Ariane at a microphone. "She was amazing. So strong and brave. She wore the boots you bought her." "I hope you are having a good trip, wherever you are," she concluded the caption.

If she had gone another route and blamed or attacked Anthony for leaving them, some people would have understood. Anthony always claimed that their daughter was extremely important to him. The media asked why he would leave his daughter alone if he loved her so much. People hope that he thought about his daughter when he was going through the steps on deciding if he should go through with the final act or not.

Suicide is a controversial topic because people on the outside cannot really understand what the depressed person is going through. The first reaction from many people when the news about Anthony Bourdain broke was confusion. He was well respected, had the love and admiration of many influential people around the world including the former president Obama, and had all the money and resources that the average person would dream about.

With a young daughter that needed him to be in his life after the split from Ottavia, the timing seemed to be very off. Anthony was already going to reach his later years, he could have just retired from his career and focused on raising his daughter with Ottavia. For many years, Ottavia and her daughter will have to wonder and deal with the fact that Anthony is no longer there to share their days with them.

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