Anthony Bourdain

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Quick facts

Date of Birth 25-06-1956
Birth Place New York City, New York, United States
Net Worth $9 Million
Height 6 ft 3 in (1.93 m)
T.V. Show(s) Television producer
Ex. Wife Nancy Putkoski
Divorced Date 2005
Marriage Date 2007
Marital Status Married
Children Ariane Bourdain
Salary $1,090,909
Birth Sign Gemini
Alma Mater Culinary Institute of America, Vassar College
Nationality American
Profession Chef, Producer, Television Personality

Anthony Bourdain was born in the year 1956, on the 26th day of June. He is not only a renowned American celebrity chef, but also a television personality as well as a bestselling author. New York city is where he was born, and Leonia, New Jersey is where he grew up. Pierre Bourdain, executive for the classical music industry of Columbia Records and the New York times staff editor, Gladys Bourdain were his parents.

Anthony claims to be raised by his parents without any religion what so ever due to sheer diversity between his maternal and paternal ancestors. His spouses include Nancy Putkoski whom of which his marriage lasted from 1985-2005 and Ottavia Busia whom Anthony was married to from the year 2007-2016. In 2007 Ottavia Busia and Anthony had a daughter, who they named Ariane.

Education & Culinary training

It has previously been written by Bourdain that the love of food he has, immediately began during his youth. It was the first time he tried an oyster, while on a vacation in France in a oyster fisherman’s boat that his affections for food kindled. Anthony graduated in 1973 from Dwight-Englewood School and continued his education in Vassar College for the next two years before dropping out. Alongside with college Anthony also worked at the Massachusetts restaurants in Provincetown. It was his experience and exposure during his time working for Massachusetts restaurants which ignite his decision to take up cooking as a choice of career in the future.

In 1978, Bourdain graduated from the Culinary institute of America. It was only after he had graduated in 1978, that he went on further to supervise as well as run kitchens of several well known restaurants such as Sullivan’s, One Fifth Avenue and Supper Club. Based primarily in Manhattan, the restaurant Brasserie Les Halles hired Anthony as the executive chef. He remained in Brasserie Les Halles as the executive chef position for several number of years.

Advocacy and Interests

The deliciousness and high standard of street food which is freshly prepared within foreign, particularly those countries which are yet developing, has continuously been praised by Bourdain. He has also time and again acknowledged the talent of immigrants from Mexico, Spain and Ecuador whom of which are working as chefs or cooks in US restaurants. Bourdain openly praises them for being the sheer backbone of the American restaurants.

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