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Pharell's date of birth is 5 April 1973. His birthplace is Virginia Beach, Virginia, the United States. Pharrelll is a very versatile and talented person; he is a musical genius - he is a singer, a rapper and a record producer. Pharell is also known as Pharrelll Williams, but his biography states that his full name given to him at his birth is Pharrelll Lanscilo Williams. Pharrell now has 43 years. His dad has an unusual name Pharaoh. Pharrelll's dad is a helper. His mothers' name is Carolyn. Pharell's mom is a teacher. She has been married to Pharrelll's father for many years and never wanted to divorce from Pharaoh. The family of Pharrelll was penniless poor, and money was always lacking the Williams family. The Williams' family poverty was converted into abundance when Pharrelll became a successsful musician, with a net worth of $150 million and salary that is a hundred times above average American salary. Carolyn, as a mother and as Pharrell's parent, was his biggest support on his career path. His dad didn't want Pharrell to become a musician.

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Pharrelll attended an elementary school in his hometown of Virginia Beach, Virginia. After the elementary school, Pharrelll attended Princess Anne High School in Virginia Beach. At Princess Anne High School started Pharrelll's career in music, when he was at a very young age. In MTV original reality television show Cribs, Pharrelll stated that he was one big nerd way back when he was in high school and that he was somehow different from the other children. One important thing that connects his biography and the Princes Anna High School is that he met there Chad Hugo, who would soon become his colleague and part of their musical duo the Neptunes. The Neptunes is an R&B group. Their musical duo entered a high school talent show, and Pharrelll was noticed by Teddy Riley, a producer, who offered Pharrell to sign a contract with his recording studio. His recording studio appeared to be just next to Pharrelll's high school.


Pharrell, also known as Pharrelll Williams, a.k.a Pharrelll Lanscilo Williams achieved many things in his career. His career biography is abundant with experience. He is the part of the musical R&B duo The Neptunes, which he founded with his high school best friend Chad Hugo. Their musical duo makes and produces hip hop, rap, and soul music. Besides The Neptunes, Pharrelll Williams is also the part of the rap/hip hop music group N*E*R*D. Pharrelll is the leading vocalist for the N*E*R*D, and he is also group's drummer. He founded the group together with his childhood friend Shay Haley, when both of them were still very young. Pharrelll's first single ever was released in 2003 and it was entitled „Frontin“. In 2006, Pharrell released his first studio album entitled „In My Mind“. After the success of his first album, Pharrelll recorded his second album „Girl“ and released it in 2014. Pharrelll has a planetary number one hit „Happy“. He released single „Happy“ after the release of „Girl“ studio album. Single „Happy“ has millions of musical covers around the world. Pharrelll Williams is also a producer and during his career he produced songs for many famous singers. From his making of music, production of the music, singing, rapping, Pharrelll accumulated a net worth of $150,000,000 and a big salary.

Personal Life

Pharrelll is married, and he is also a proud dad. He is married to Helen Lasichanh. His wife is a fashion designer and a former model. He stated in his biography that he is the proud dad of son Rocket Williams.

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 200 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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