Philippe Cousteau

Philippe Cousteau is a 31 year old explorer, environmental advocate, and social entrepreneur and is also the special correspondent at CNN. His main objective is to make people realize the significance of a clean and green environment for a bright future. He is the co-founder and President of Earth Echo International which is a non-profit organization.

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Though Philippe was born in California, most of his early childhood was spent in both the United States and France. He did his masters in History in Scotland at St. Andrews University. He loves to indulge himself in adventure sports like snowboarding, rock climbing, diving, and trekking. He is engaged to Ashlan Gorse who is an entertainment journalist.


Philippe worked as the chief Ocean Correspondent at Animal Planet and also Planet Green. He is in charge of producing several documentaries on ocean like Ocean’s Deadliest. It was while doing this documentary his co-anchor Steve Irwin was wounded fatally by a stingray. Philippe was with Animal Planet till 2011. Philippe is also a special correspondent at CNN. He hosts the series Going Green, which deals with humanitarian stories and environmental issues like the research involving climate change at frozen arctic. Philippe also hosted the series Oceans Blue for Discovery Network and BBC, which were telecast on Planet Green in the United States in the year 2010.

Other Interests

Philippe co-founded EarthEcho International in the year 2000 along with his mother and sister. Empowering youth to strive towards protecting and restoring the planet is its mission statement. He also co-founded a company that aimed at consulting, development, marketing, and media involvement for environmental betterment called Azure Worldwide. He is also a Fellow of OpenGrounds at the University of Virginia through which he aids in the creation of innovative interactive games that educate individuals on the state of the depleting water resources. Philippe and his team have also joined in a partnership with the US Department of State for creation of USA Pavilion at Expo 2012, where he is the chief spokesperson. He has also formed partnerships with Global Echo Foundation and the Global Echo Exchange Traded Fund.

Philippe has also co-authored the book Going Blue: A Teen Guide to Saving the Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, and Wetlands and another book aimed at elementary students. Going Blue was honored with Teachers’ Choice Award 2011 by Learning Magazine and the Gold Nautilus Award. It also received the Book of the Year Gold Award. Philippe and his sister Alexandra were included in the 2010 Next Establishment List of Vanity Fair Magazine for their work as environmental advocates.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 30 Dec, 1940
Age: 79 yrs
Occupations: Explorer
Citizenship: France
Birth Place: Toulon
Education: École nationale supérieure Louis-Lumière
Gender: Male
Description: French documentary filmmaker; son of Jacques-Yves Cousteau
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Last Modified: Jun 22 2020
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