Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow was born on April 1, 1973 in Castro Valley, California. She is the daughter of Robert and Elaine Maddow. Rachel is known for being a TV host and political commentator. Rachel showed an interest in journalism from an early age. She started reading the newspaper when she was only seven years old. She would conclude her cover to cover reading sessions with pertinent questions for her parents about what she had read. As an active and sports loving teen, Rachel competed on the swimming, volleyball and basketball teams at Castro Valley High School, but a major sports related injury to her shoulder caused her to abandon sports. She was very athletic but the injury would not allow her to reach her full potential.

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Maddow devoted openings in her busy schedule to volunteer at a local AIDS clinic. Maddow’s conservative parents did not she that was gay during her early years. Fearing their objection to her sexuality, Maddow opted not to tell them about her volunteer work at the AIDS clinic.

According to Rachel, she used to be very funny during her high school years but currently suffers from cyclical depression. The depression doesn’t allow her to express her full sense of humor anymore because she always has to deal with periodic bouts of sadness. She currently lives with her partner, Susan Mikula, in Manhattan, New York. They started dating in 1999 and their first date was at a National Rifle Association event.


After Rachel graduated from Castro Valley High School, she went on to earn her degree in Public Policy at Stanford University. Upon graduation from Stanford in 1994, she was awarded the John Gardner Fellowship Award. She received the Rhodes scholarship in 1995, becoming the first openly gay recipient of such an honor. She started her postgraduate studies at Lincoln College, Oxford. At the University of Oxford, she was awarded a Doctorate of Philosophy in 2001. During her program, she was supervised by Lucia Zedner. The title of her thesis was “HIV/AIDS and Health Care Reform in British and American Prisons”. Rachel had a strong and credible educational background that would help in her journalism career.

Radio and Television Career

In 1999, Rachel got her first radio job working at WRNX 100.9 FM in Holyoke, Massachusetts. She hosted a variety of programs during her radio career, including a 2-year stint on Big Breakfast at WRSI before it ended in 2004. She went on to work with Chuck D at Air America before quitting on January 21, 2010. 

In 2006, Rachel managed to parlay her radio career into cable television when she became a regular host on the MSNBC show The Situation with Tucker Carlson. She was also a recurring guest on CNN’s Paula Zahn Now show during the 2006 midterm elections. She started to gain momentum as a political commentator from her excellent appearances on TV.

In January 2008, Maddow signed an exclusive contract with MSNBC as the broadcasting station’s political analyst. In September of 2008, Rachel got to see the launch of her own nightly cable television program called The Rachel Maddow Show. The show was a huge hit and marked MSNBC’s most successful show debut in history. Since its inception, the show has boosted MSNBC’s ratings and received a number of awards, including the Television Critics Association award for "Outstanding Achievement in News and Television" and a 2010 GLAAD Award. Maddow herself has also been honored numerous times for her excellence in journalism. The Washington Post named her "Breakout Star of 2008." In 2010, she won a Walter Cronkite Faith and Freedom Award for her documentary The Assassination of Dr. Tiller. The documentary also earned her a 2011 Gracie Award.

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Quick Facts
Date of Birth: 01-04-1973
Height: 1.8 m
T.V. Show(s): The Rachel Maddow Show
Profession: American television host, political commentator, and author
Employer: Air America Radio
Salary: around $7 million
Net Worth: about $20 million.
Nationality: American
Marriage Date: 1999
Husband: Susan Mikula
Ethnicity: White
Children: N/A
Marital Status: Married
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Last Modified : Jun 25 2018