Rod Young

Rod Young is a newscaster and television presenter working at the Brisbane bulletin. He is one of the most recognized newscasters featuring the Queensland Television network. Before joining the Queensland Television, Rod was a radio announcer and also he has been a house-husband too. Being a responsible house-husband, he has helped in running cattle and sheep as well. Besides this, he has also been a part of Telecom medium too.

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Personal Life

Rod Young was born and raised-up at Brisbane. When he was just five years of age, Rod moved to Gold Coast where he grew up along with his grandparents. When living along with his granny and grandpa, Rod’s dad and mom were running a cattle and sheep property in Meandarra at the Western Edge. Rod did her graduation in Arts in Queensland University where he got a chance to meet his better half Karen Berkman. Rod married Karen and they have been living happily together with their 3 children at Gold Coast Hinterland.

During the year 1983, their first son was born and soon after the birth of their first kid, Rod quit his journalism and became a house-hold husband. His wife Karen was still in the field of television journalism. Rod was seriously looking for a good job and finally after 2 years time, he turned back again and became a part of ABC Television. He served as the weekend weather presenter at ABC and later in one year time, Rod started to present the weekend news bulletin. Later he also started to present the weekday news as well.  During the year 2002, October 18 th, Rod Young left ABC and further became a part of Kay McGrath where he was working as a co-anchor of Channel Seven weeknight newscast.

Rod Young and Karen were blessed with 3 children and they spend time together relaxing at the beach as well. They relaxingly enjoy and have fun together with their family as well. Rod is an ardent lover of music and basically enjoys Rock and Roll too. Rod loves to walk longer and also goes for a ride during his free time. Karen, his wife has been a successful journalist and also she was a documentary maker too.


Prior joining Seven Network, Rod Young was the iconic face of Brisbane News in the ABC network. Rod started to work during the end of 1970s and his career was so successful since the beginning. He first worked at the radio station 2GO in the New South Wales. Later in the year 1985, Rod Young got an opportunity to work as the weeknight newscaster at the ABC Network. Later in the year 2002, October Rod migrated to Seven News and he anchored along with  Kay McGrath. He has several years of experience in the journalism industry and his life has been so much happier with his wife and children. She has won quite many awards and honors as well. He has brought-forth many interesting news and latest happenings to his viewers too

Quick Facts
Occupations: Journalist
Gender: Male
Description: Australian television personality
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Last Modified: Jun 22 2020
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