Roger Ailes

Roger Eugene Ailes was born on 15th May, 1940 in Warren, Ohio, USA to Donna Marie and Robert Eugene Ailes. His father was a factory foreman at a local factory. It is reported that his father was abusive, and as a result, his parents divorced in 1960. He is today known as an American television executive. He is also the Chief Executive Officer at Fox News, and the Chairman of Fox Television Stations Group.

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Roger attended the Warren city schools. He was later on inducted into Warren High School's Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame. He then joined Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, where he pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree. He graduated from the school in 1962

Career path

Ailes started his television career as a property assistant a then notoriously known The Mike Douglas Show. He used to work in Cleveland and Philadelphia, and his performance was impressive.  Roger Ailes swiftly became a producer in the same show in the year 1965. His work was praised and it did not take long before he was promoted to become an executive producer between 1967 and 1968.

Due to his great performance in "The Mike Douglas Show", Roger Ailes was nominated for an Emmy in 1968. Only less than 10 years career experience and making it big.

Ailes also one worked as the main media consultant for many Republican presidents such as Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George H.W Bush. Notably, Ailes was the media consultant for Rudy Giuliani’s first campaign to become a mayor. He was praised for his ground-breaking work in framing national campaign issues for Richard Nixon, and for making the stiff Nixon more likeable and accessible to voters. That has been considered one of the best strategies of selling a president.

Between the year 1987 and 1988, Roger Eugene Ailes became a renowned political consultant. He was praised for his guide to George H.W Bush to make him emerge as the victory in the Republican primaries. He also wrote and produced Bush’s broadcast spots in the primary and general-election campaigns, which did well.

 In 1992, Ailes quit political consulting after Richard Thornburgh failed to get elected for the senate seat in Pennsylvania in November 1991. He however continued to coach politicians and write speeches for them

His TV ads for the 1988 Bush campaign were part of the award winning documentary, Boogie Man:’ The Lee Atwater Story.

Ailes has written a number of books. Among them is the famous You Are the Message: Secrets of the Master Communicators, which he wrote in 1988 with the help of his long term assistant, Jon Kraushar. He discusses a number of of his philosophies and strategies for someone to become successful in the public eye.

Ailes has been in Fox News since 15th August 2005, when he was named the Chairman of the Fox Television Stations Group. Due to his incredible performance, his contract was renewed in October 2012 for another four years, serving as head of Fox News Channel. When it ends in 2016, he would have served the networks for twenty years. Iles also has other chairmanship position in Twentieth Television, Fox Business Network and My Network

Personal life

Roger Eugene Ailes married his wife Elizabeth Tilson in the year 1998. They are still married to date, and they have one child together.  His net worth is approximately 21 million dollars.

This multi-talented, brilliant and strategic man is one of the few TV legendaries in America. You can follow him on social media to keep yourself on the knowhow of his current affairs.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 15 May, 1940
Age: 79 yrs
Occupations: Politician
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Warren
Education: Ohio University
Gender: Male
Description: American television executive and political consultant
Net Worth 2021: 200 million
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Last Modified: Feb 19 2023
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