Ron Snyder

Roy Synder was born in the mid-1950s. He is a successful American businessman. He was married to a beautiful woman, Kim Basinger. He has three children named Allison, Ashley, and Brett. Brett and Ashley are twins. He got a divorce with Kim in 1989, nine years after becoming husband and wife. This successful business executive earned a degree from the University of Colorado after his high school. He studied Finance and Accounting at this great school.

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Immediately after his schooling, he co-founded a company, Dii Group, with Lyndon Hanson. The company is used to manufacture electronics. Dii Group was formed in Boulder County in Colorado. Snyder headed the global sales and marketing of this nascent manufacturing company. He was also the head of mergers and acquisition parts of the business.

When the company was offered on stock some years later, its fortune got a huge boost which made it become a force to reckon with in the manufacturing sector. By the year 2000, Dii merged with another electronics company, Flextronics International.

Flextronics has the reputation of being one of the two largest companies in the world that manufacture electronics. As the executive vice president of the company, Snyder had the responsibility of controlling all the global divisions of the enterprise. He retired from Flextronics in 2003 to have deserved rest.

Shortly after his retirement, he was contacted by some friends from his days in the university to serve as a consultant for their footwear company. He later became a consultant for Crocs Inc, a company that was founded a year before he retired from Flextronics.

Because of the potential growth of Crocs, Snyder fully joined the company as a chief executive officer. His first significant action as the new CEO of the company was to expand its scope. He acquired Foam Creations and made replicas of the manufacturing company in some other places. The objective was to make the products of Crocs acceptable to people from all walks of life.

He achieved this and more as Snyder worked tirelessly to make Crocs footwear’s the choice of many celebrities like actor Adam Sandler, Teri Hatcher, and Al Pacino. Within a year of taking over as the CEO of the footwear giant, he was able to help the company to trade on NASDAQ. On the first day, the company raised $208 million. This made the IPO of Crocs the richest in the history of Wall Street in the footwear category.

There is no denying the fact that Snyder is a very successful business person and consultant. However, nobody has been able to place a figure on his salary and net worth. What is evident to people is that he is reputed to be among the highest-paid CEOs in the United States.

Personal life

Snyder lives his quiet life with his family and kids in the Boulder area of the city. He travels to California for his business every day of the week.

The internet contains little information about his private life. His identity also remains a mystery as he has no pictures to identify him on the net.

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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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