Scott Brown

Scott Brown has an education in law and has experience as being a politician. He has served as a senator on the Republican ticket starting in 1992. He has a family, a wife and kids.

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Early Life

Scott Brown was born in 1959 on September 12 in Kittery Maine. He has explained that his parents had some relationship issues early in his life. They ended up splitting apart, and he grew up with under mainly his mothers care. Along with his mother, he also had a great grandmother help to raise him. This took place in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Scott has noted on many iterations on the story that it was not that easy growing up, and having enough money or time for her family was one of his mothers main concerns during this time. She accepted welfare benefits at this time as well. While his mother took care of him mainly, including housing him, his father Bruce Brown was still in his life. His father was on the Newbury City Council, and was his first taste of political related ideas and life. When he was just a young boy, he often joined his father on his political campaigns. Scott enjoyed his time doing those politically charged excursions.


Graduating from high school in 1977 he immediately joined the Massachusetts Army National Guard and participated in the ROTC classes at his University. He got a bachelors degree in History and then went on to get a law degree at Boston College Law School graduating the 1985. He gained national exposure for winning an award from Cosmopolitan magazine, which also helped him get word out for having political ambitions. His exposure also helped him get a well paying job as a model during that time as well. Scott has noted on a few interviews that his time at college bolstered his opinion on becoming a politician. He noticed the need for the general public to have good, sound leaders to help bring what they want to the forefront and the need for such politicians to do the desires of the people who elect them. While some politicians existed that are good at understanding their duties, he said most are not. They are self fulfilling and often let the promises that dispel during a campaign go unmet.

He wanted to be a politician that keeps his word and follows through on campaign promises. He has commented that politics can be simple if you let them be simple, and follow the constitution. Politicians are to be the servants of the voters, and are controlled by the rules of constitution. Scott felt that as simple as it seems, politicians don’t follow these guidelines because they don’t have to. Once elected, the public assumes the politician will do what they said they would, but they never do. He wanted to be one that did follow through, kept their promises, and followed the words in the constitution.


He went full time into politics in 1992 and was elected assessor of Wretham Massachusetts. At that job he calculated the value of properties for tax valuation purposes. Three years later he got a position as a town counsel administrator, and then in 1998 ran for the Massachusetts House of Representatives for the 9th Norfolk District, serving three terms. In 2004 his moved to a senator position being re-elected without an opponent. In 2009, Scott tried to become part the U.S. Senate, taking the seat of former Senator Ted Kennedy. He campaigned on the notion of being separate from either party and to be a more independent power and voice for the people he is serving.

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