Scott Brown

He won on January 2010 by a five point margin, capitalizing on the publics anger on the Wall Street bailouts, the high unemployment and the increasing federal budget. His win was significant as far as politics go, because he ended a 50 plus year of Democratic reign in Massachusetts. His run for re-election in 2012 was ended however by Elizabeth Warren by an eight point margin. He was asked by the President of the United States, Donald Trump, to be the next United States Ambassador to the country of New Zealand and Samoa, and has been since June 8th of 2017.

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He has not been without controversy regarding his positions on some politically charge social matters. He has made claims that a domestic partner of a former politician and their desire for a child together was not normal in todays society. He had to retract the statement several days later He also voted against the repeal of the state law barring out of state gay couples from marrying, and also voted for a constitutional amendment that was for banning gay marriage in the state altogether. Scott has also said he was for Roe v. Wade while later on changing his stance to a more pro-life framework.

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