Shim Eun 

Shim is the most youthful girl of her parents, amongst her siblings. Shim’s leisure activities are reading science fiction based comics, listening to music and practicing taekwondo. Shim along with her friends Chick and Candy formed a band in which she plays the part of a drummer.

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Subsequent to moving on from Cheongdam Middle School and Eonbuk Elementary School, with a graduation degree in 2010, Shim incidentally quit acting in order to move in to America. Justifying her activities she said, "I picked a place so that there aren't a great deal of Korean individuals and settled on a secondary school in Pittsburgh. Examining is an objective, yet I additionally picked this since I've become tired rationally and physically in the wake of having acted from a youthful age. She went to Professional Children's School and graduated from there in 2013.

Shim made her very first acting performance at age of 9 with the 2004 Television series entitled The Woman Who Wants to Marry, and along these lines she made a vocation as one of the best youngster performing artists of her generation. She featured with sickening dread tall tale Hansel and Gretel, and certain additional television sitcoms, for example, The Legend, Hwang Jini, The Great Merchant, and Women of the Sun, often critics say now and again even eclipsing her grown-up counterparts.

In 2011, she effectively transitioned as a lead on-screen character by means of retro dramedy Sunny, which recounts the tale of seven ladies, crosscutting between their lives in the present and the encounters that first united them as young people in the 1980s. Recognized for its period detail, witty exchange and the exhibitions of its group cast,the film smashed the regular conviction that ladies focused pictures can't make blockbuster-level progress. By speaking to an extensive variety of age groups, Sunny's film industry add up to remained at more than 7 million confirmations toward the end of its long run. Director Kang Hyeong-cheol depicted Shim as somebody "who is now total as an actress."

Shim's other striking parts incorporate a young lady got in the midst of the Korean War in dark parody Kyung-sook, Kyung-sook's Father (otherwise called My Dad Loves Trouble),[15] a sister with apparently extraordinary capacities in Possessed, a depressive in The Quiz Show Scandal, and a court tester in Masquerade.

In the 2014 satire Miss Granny, Shim played a lady in her 70s who wonderfully winds up back in her 20-year-old body.She said, "This film is entirely near my heart as it is the principal film for me to star in not as a youngster performing artist, but rather as undeniable actress."With 8.65 million affirmations, its film industry achievement outperformed Sunny's, demonstrating Shim's capacity to convey a film.She likewise won Best Actress at the Chunsa Film Art Awards, the Baeksang Arts Awards, the Director's Cut Awards, and the Buil Film Awards.

Shim next featured as the unconventional academic piano player courageous woman in Cantabile Tomorrow, a Korean dramatization adjustment of Japanese manga Nodame Cantabile.Her forthcoming movies incorporate the vivified Seoul Station coordinated by Yeon Sang-ho, and Marital Harmony, the second portion of the "divining workmanship set of three" after The Face Reader. Her detailed biography and entire list of filmography can be found on her official Wikipedia page or facebook page.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 23 Sep, 1972
Age: 47 yrs
Occupations: Actor
Film actor
Citizenship: South Korea
Birth Place: Seongnam
Education: Korea National Open University
Gender: Female
Description: South Korean actress
Spouse: Ji Sang-wook
Net Worth 2021: 37 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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