Stephanie Luby

Stephanie Luby was born on 14 November 1976 in New York City, New York state, the United States of America. She is best known for being the current wife of famous musician, actor and songwriter Corey Taylor. Stephanie Luby's famous husband Corey Taylor was born on 8 December 1973. According to his biography, Corey was born in Des Moines, Iowa state, the United States of America. His exact place of birth is Broadlawns Medical Center in Des Moines, Iowa. Throughout his childhood, he and his family suffered in penniless poverty. Corey was raised by his single mother. The father of Corey Taylor left him and his mother when they have needed him the most - at the time of Corey's birth. His life was indeed a struggle. Corey has only one sibling - a sister. Corey is from his paternal side of German and Native American descent. From his maternal side, Corey Taylor is of German and Native American. This exotic blood mix gave Cory his exotic looks, and it is no wonder many women are interested to get married to him. His family was so poor that Corey didn't want to stay at his family home, which he described as "old dilapidated farmhouse“ and "looks like Black Sabbath album covers." The person that raised Cory was his mother, who he loves very much. His mom raised him in Waterloo, Iowa, after his father left the family behind for unknown reasons. Corey's grandmother was a rock 'n' roll fan, and she had a collection of Elvis Presley's LP's. Later, she introduced Cory to the world of rock and roll. He became a drug addict by the age of fifteen. Once, Cory was found on the streets overdosed on cocaine. After that event, Corey left his mother in tears and went to his grandmother's home to live with her. His grandmother became Corey Taylor's legal guardian. His grandfather influenced Corey to love rock 'n' roll music. After she had sawed that Corey is really heated up to become a musician, she bought her grandson musical equipment so he could pursue his dream of becoming a musician. Corey thought that he would never meet his father, but it turned out to be false idea because he met him in 2003, when he was 30 years old. It was a number one news in the USA when he met his father. Most interesting fact about Corey is that he has one of the longest vocal ranges in the world - five and a half octaves.

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Both Stephanie Luby and her current husband Corey Taylor only finished primary level education. Corey Taylor finished an elementary school in his hometown Des Moines. In Des Moines, Iowa, Corey also finished a high school. He was a problematic student and finished high school through the hard way, according to his biography.


Corey Taylor founded the band Stone Sour, alongside his friends Joel Ekman, Shawn Economaki and Josh Rand, all from Iowa. In his hometown, Corey was personally approached by the members of the Slipknot band and was asked to join the band he did it immediately, without thinking. Together with the Slipknot band, Corey released five studio albums and many songs. He loves to take pictures and selfies in his Slipknot band mask. Through career with Slipknot and his band Stone Sour, Corey Taylor acquired a net worth of $2,400,000.

Personal Life

Corey Taylor married twice. First, he was in the marriage with Scarlett Stone. After the divorce from Scarlett, with whom he has not many children - only one son, he got in marriage with Stephanie Luby in 2009.

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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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