Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is a famous American player of basketball. Kevin Durant was born 29 September 1988. The birth town of this basketball player is Washington, District of Columbia, the United States. This man of 2 meters height didn't have an easy childhood. His father left his mother and him when he was very young. Because someone had to take care of his family, his grandmother made that important role. Kevin Durant, the Golden State Warriors basketball team player, was raised by his mother Wanda, and his grandmother Barbara Davis was helping Kevin's mom Wanda to raise him to become a good and fair man. His father, Wayne Pratt, left Kevin and his mother for unknown reasons. Kevin Durant has three siblings. His first sibling is his sister Brianna. Kevin's second sibling is Anthony, and finally, his third sibling is named Rayvonne. Throughout Kevin's early years, his grandmother kept telling Kevin and his mom Wanda that his tallness will be a blessing for the family and that he will become one day a very famous basketball player. It seems that Kevin's grandmother was right. He is now one of the most recognizable basketball players in the world. His net worth he gained from playing basketball is around $35 million. His sister Brianna made Kevin love the basketball sport. He and Brianna used to play and practice basketball behind their family home. Sometimes, Brianna would let Kevin win, until he learned to play basketball. His brother Anthony Durant is also the player of basketball. Little is known that the full name of Kevin Durant is Kevin Wayne Durant, according to his biography.

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Kevin Wayne Durant first attended a primary school in Washington, D.C., after his primary level education, Kevin Durant attended the Montrose Christian School. At Montrose Christian School, Kevin was often mocked up because of his height. Little did the kids at his Oak Hill Academy knew that Kevin would start earning a salary of $300,000 per month just because he would become a tall and talented basketball player. The kids also mocked up Kevin, saying that he must change his knickers every day because of his fast development. After attending the Oak Hill Academy, where he was often bullied and abused, Kevin Durant attended Montrose Christian School and later enrolled into National Christian Academy. Kevin wasn't bullied and abused at Montrose Christian School and National Christian Academy.


Kevin Durant aspiration was to play for one of his favorite teams - Toronto Raptors. Kevin Durant played for the Amateur Athletic Union's basketball team named PG Jaguars, and that is when his career started to rose up. Kevin Durant won together with his team PG Jaguars two national championships. Kevin still respects his first basketball coach Charles Craig from PG Jaguars by wearing a number 35 jersey. He was comitted to University of Texas basketball team and after successful games for his University of Texas team, Kevin Durant was proclaimed as All-Met Basketball Player of the Year by the magazine Washington Post. Durant was also proclaimed as the MVP of McDonald's All-American Game in 2006. Durant played for various teams such as Seattle SuperSonics, Oklahoma City Thunder, and he also played for the national basketball team of America. Kevin Durant currently plays for Golden State Warriors.

Personal Life

Kevin Durant was never married. He is an avid collector of shoes. He especially loves wearing Jordan's. He is in a very loving and caring relationship with the woman who raised him - his mother, Wanda. Kevin visits the church every day and has many religious tattoos.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 29 Sep, 1988
Age: 31 yrs
Occupations: Basketball player
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Suitland
residence: Maryland
Oklahoma City
Washington, D.C.
Gender: Male
Description: American basketball player
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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