Styles P

David Styles was born on 28th November 1974 in Corona, Queens. His mother got divorced when he was only 7 and they moved to Yonkers, New York. His mother is a South Africa lady from Johannesburg and father, a native of Brooklyn. Both parents have been very instrumental in Styles progress as a lyricist. His childhood days were rough and while being on the streets he learned the meaning of being loyal and also learned that in life no one is spared. Like many of the other black boys, Styles too grew up in the ghetto and did all the things that young boys usually do in the ghetto like hustling, bottling and pumping.

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All these hard childhood days molded and made Styles a hard man and a good rapper too, since rap music is nothing but street fighting. Styles has it all in him, being the thug he is, because of his thug life. His lyrics are hardcore and this is what made him famous. He is better known as Styles P. an American rapper, an entrepreneur and author.  It is these personal experiences in his life which molded him and brought out the best rapping skills in him. He is today considered the grimiest and most lethal rapper.

He was barely nine years when he started to rap and he met Sheek when he was in junior-high summer school and Kiss when in the 9th grade. These two were already in a group and Styles was solo from his part of the town. However, he did stay with these two and stayed at the background because their popularity was much more. They named their group ‘The Bomb Squad’. Styles got into trouble with a burner when he was 19 and was sent to county jail. On his release from jail he met Ruff Ryders CEO Dee.

In 2002 Styles P. got away from the group L.O.X. and started working on his own album “Good Times” which came out with a bang on 7th July 2002. His second album “A Gangster and a Gentilman” was a solo. He has been making many more albums since then and his estimated networth is around $3 million.

However, he has been dating many girlfriends but has never married. There is nothing much known of his current girlfriend. There are many pics of the rapper and his wife, however, nothing much is known about her. Divorce is a far away occurrence in his life, if it ever should happen. He seems to be more interested in his music, lyrics and writings that’s keeping him occupied presently.

Styles P is a great rapper and he loves money, but according to him “I love money and I Love being alright, but I love my honor and my respect more and that’s what I represent”. This is his firm statement and he definitely lives by it. It’s his life on the streets, the death of his little brother in an accident and his mother’s nurturing has made him the man he is. He says that he doesn’t see himself as a positive person or a negative person.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 28 Nov, 1974
Age: 45 yrs
Occupations: Rapper
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Queens
Gender: Male
Description: American rapper, writer and entrepeneur from New York
Twitter Id: Therealstylesp
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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