Susan Sarandon

Susan Abigail Sarandon is an actress known for her roles in The Client, Dead Man Walking and many other. She has won the Academy Award for the Best Actress. She started dating her fellow student, Chris Sarandon, in college and they got married in 1967. In 1979, they got divorced and she started her relationship with Louis Malle. She said that her marriage life was very difficult. Her affair with Louis Malle was not the reason for the divorce. It was said that Susan started dating Franco AMurii and gave birth to a daughter by her boyfriend.

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In 1988, she started a relationship with Tim Robbins and the relationship ended in 2009. She had two sons with Tim. The reason for the separation was said that Tim was undergoing mid life crisis and insanity. After Tim, she thought that she would never fall in love again, but, she found someone who is 30 years younger than her. Jonathan Bricklin and Susan were in a relationship in 2013. She never talked about her relationship with Bricklin, until they planned to get married. It was said that they were dating for three years prior to that. They got married in 2013. Her whole family was present during the ceremony.

When asked about her relationship with Tim, she said that he made him feel like a failure. She said that she did not the right thing, not marrying him. She said that she was not even that sad when the relationship broke. She was with Tim for 23 years and did not get married as she thought that getting married would make them take advantage of each other. Though she had a lot of romantic relationships, she was only married twice.

After five years from breaking up with Tim, she talked about her new romantic relationship.  Jonathan also did not reveal that he had a girlfriend for the past three years. She said that she had a relationship with a 36 year old man. When asked whether it was a romantic relationship, she agreed. Susan was tagged as one of the parties responsible for Kevin and Cindy Costner’s breakup. It was said that why Cindy came to know that her husband was having a romantic relationship with Susan. It was not the relationship that separated Kevin from his wife. But, this was his first infidelity action. There were pictures all over the internet in 1997 showing Susan and Kevin, having an intimate relationship in Bull Durham.

The separation settlement between Susan and Chris is not known to the public. There are no details as to whether they had a prenup. Susan said that she got married when she was too young and it was a mistake. Chris, Tim, Louis and the other former lovers never commented on their relationship with Susan. They never announced that they were in a relationship and they did not talk about it after the separation either. As per the information, her separations have clean and easy and she never regretted any of her accidents as most of them led to something, even more wonderful.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 4 Oct, 1946
Age: 73 yrs
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: New York City
residence: Pound Ridge
Education: The Catholic University of America
Edison High School
Gender: Female
Description: American actress and activist
Twitter Id: SusanSarandon
Spouse: Chris Sarandon[1967-1979]
Net Worth 2021: 60 million
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Last Modified: Feb 19 2023
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