Tamra Cantore

Tamra Cantore is an American journalist/ reporter who is working for TWC Channel. She was born in the United States of America, on the 4th of July, 1965. She was raised in California, into a very simple, middle-class family. After graduating high school she attended the University of California and studied Broadcast Journalism for 4 years. 

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After successfully graduating college in 1989, she began working as an intern for various TV channels and did a great deal of field reporting. Reporting live from the scene, she covered many topics including the political campaigns and the war between Jordan and Palestine. After working in her post for 3 years The Weather Channel hired her to become a news anchor.

She started a successful career at TWC, with her regular news broadcast in the evenings. A year later, she was also given the responsibility to host the talk shows for 2 hours each weekend. It was there that she met Jim Cantore,  They developed a mutual attraction and fell in love, and in 1993 they got married among few friends and family members. They had their first child; a daughter named Christiana who was born in 1993, and two years later, their son Ben was born. 

All of us have challenges to face in life, but most pale in comparison to what Tamra has faced during her lifetime. She was diagnosed with Parkinson's a debilitating neurological disorder just before her 40th birthday. When her children were seven and nine, she learned that both of them suffered from Fragile X Syndrome.  Several years later, she was dealt another devastating blow when she went through a divorce after 17 years of marriage.  Any one of these horrific circumstances might knock the legs out from many of us, but not Tamra.  She made her circumstances her motivation to live a better, fuller life.

This is not to say that resigning herself to a disease which took away her main hobbies (sports) and her energy to do the things she liked to do most with her children wasn't painfully humbling, because it was, and she'll be the first to openly talk about it. But once her marriage ended and the disease took away her career as an executive at The Weather Channel, she remained positive and proactive. She dug her heels in and began to promote events that would not only help her but would also benefit all of those who have some form of neurological disease. She connected herself with organizations at the national level for her fundraising which she felt would best serve and support her efforts.  She formed Team Cantore, which aligns itself with the Parkinson’s Unity Walk and The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, ensuring that 100 percent of all net proceeds go toward research. Her most recent project has been helping the Wilkins Parkinson's Foundation with its awareness initiatives to educate the public in a very poignant way (initiatives include PSA's ON PD community websites and digital Billboards and other outdoor media.) So far, her fundraising efforts have raised more than $550,000 for Parkinson’s research.

The main goal of “Team Cantore” is to create awareness and also to increase funding for research of this disease. For the promotion of this campaign, the team has organized several events since 2004, in different countries around the world.These events include musical concerts and seminars are being held year after year so that the awareness and the reason behind this team can be spread wider. 

You can go visit the website for this Team Cantore at and get to know more about its cause as well as the upcoming events. You can also donate from the website; either online or offline or can also do it by texting from your mobile phone. Tamara has been the reason and the inspiration behind this project, and thus has gained subsequent fame around the world. 

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 3 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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