Traci Braxton

When this rumor came out, Traci was with her husband for 20 years. Traci started to get calls that her friends saw pictures of Kevin with some kid. Traci asked Kevin about his secret girlfriend and he said that they were all rumors and he denied the rumors. This whole incident was filmed on one of the episodes of Braxton Family Values.

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Kevin was fine with the filming of the incident as he was very sure that he is not cheating Traci. Thus, Kevin was asked to take a test to prove that it was not his child. On the next episode, the results have to be announced to the public, but, Traci announced that the show did not get her consent to film her marriage issues. She said that when the filming started she did not have any marital problems and now she is in the middle of a big marital crisis and did not want to make a show out of it. Traci said that she will not return back to the show after that. The results of the test and the loyalty of Kevin are not known yet.

In the next season, if was informed that Traci and Kevin are taking up counselling to make their relationship work. The whole season looked like a hooked up drama to create footage. The public started to lose interest in their issues.

Her previous boyfriends are not known to public. The result of the test is assumed to be negative as there is noinformation about the divorce available on the internet. As a matter of fact, the initial evidence of doubt was the pictures of Kevin with his love child was not found on the internet.

There are no details as to whether the whole scene was just a publicity stunt or did they pay to get those pictures down? No woman has come up with the claim that Kevin is the father of her child and thus, all the incidences steer the media to the conclusion that there was no problems in their relationship in the first place and they have made a show out of an imaginary extramarital relationship to increase the number of viewers. The show crew did not comment on these opinions and there were a lot of viewers who were eager to know what’s with the Braxtons.

The Braxtons may have 'family values,' but right now they seem to have unresolved family issues.

On Sunday, April 2 (2017) during Traci’s birthday in posts that have since been deleted, there was a family battle going on. In true Braxton family fashion, many of the family showed Traci a lot of birthday love on social media. The day seemed all good for Traci, until Tamar posted her b-day tribute, followed by a second post that appeared to be shade toward Traci and that is what got Traci’s son and niece fired up.

Tamar’s first post read:

tamarbraxton: Happy Birthday to this real life beauty queen!! @therealtracibraxton Have a fantastic day and I love u more than you will ever know!!

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Quick Facts
Birth Date: 2 Apr, 1972
Age: 48 yrs
Occupations: Singer
Television actor
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Severn
Gender: Female
Description: American singer and broadcaster
Twitter Id: Tracibraxton
Net Worth 2021: 800 thousand
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Last Modified: Feb 19 2023
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