Tracy Mcgrady

Tracy McGrady is also known as Tracy Lamar McGrady, Jr. who was born on 24th may of 1979 in Bartow that is a place in Florida. For more than three years, he played the basketball for his high school named Auburndale High School that is situated in Auburndale, Florida.

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Tracy McGrady got his education from Auburndale High School that is a situation in Florida. During the period of his education, he also played the basketball and got further training to improve his skills. After playing for 3 years for his school, hi was shifted to the academy of Mount Zion Christian that is a situation in North Carolina at Durham. McGrady got the focus when he had shown his tremendous performance in the camp of Adidas ABCD. It is a camp for high school players who are invited each year to show their performance. USA Today knew the net worth of McGrady and named him as high school player of the year.

Career Experience

Tracy McGrady played on both the national and international level. He was first selected by the Toronto Raptors during the NBA draft of 1997. However, during that season, he was given a very little time to play. The average time was 13 minutes under the coaching of Darrel Walker. However, that year was like a hell for him as he felt lonely and slept for more than 20 hours. In the season of 1999, his cousin was also recruited by the team, they played like twins and in 2000 season they dominated and gave the ample performances at All-Star Weekend Slam Dunk Contest.

After 2000, Tracy McGrady signed a six-year contract with Orlando Magic worth 67.5 million dollars. McGrady played and earned the All-Star game emergence for the first time and gave ample and entertaining game averages. He got most of the votes for most improved player in the team. In 2001-02, the averages made by McGrady were outstanding per game and it brought the second selection of All-NBA Team to the first team. In the season during the 2002-03, he had won his very first title for scoring and reached the second round. However in seven games Magic lost.

In 2004 season, it was like a very bad year for McGrady as the coach of the Magic team was fired due to McGrady and John Weisbrod, Orlando General Manager. However, he struggled a lot and got injuries but at the end, he was successful in getting the high scores. McGrady with other players traded to the Houston Rockets in 2004. With Rockets in his period from 2009 to 10 seasons with them, he performed in six games in limited minutes and injuries. Later on, he was traded to the New York. He announced his retirement on 26th August 2013.

Personal life

Tracy McGrady encompasses four of his own children. Laycee Aloe and Layla Clarice are daughters while Layden and Laymen Lamar are sons. He married the girl he loved and dated for 10 years and now she is his wife.


He is now retired and living with his family. He played well throughout his career and retired elegantly. His real twitter account is @Real_T_Mac

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 24 May, 1979
Age: 40 yrs
Occupations: Basketball player
Baseball player
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Bartow
residence: Bartow
Education: Auburndale High School
Mount Zion Christian Academy
Gender: Male
Description: American basketball player
Net Worth 2021: 75 million
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Last Modified: Feb 19 2023
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