Trent Green

Trent Green was born the 9th day of the month of July in 1970. His birth name is Trent Jason Green. He comes from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He lived from his early life until college in the port city of St. Louis Missouri.

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During his teen years he attended the St John Vianney High School, located in Kirkwood, Missouri. Later on he attended the Indiana University Bloomington. There he played as a quarterback on the Indiana Hoosiers Football team; position that he maintained for some time.


It seems like from the start his career path was that of a sport aficionado. As it has been mentioned, already at college he started playing in a Football team. During the Copper Bowl of 1991, in a match against the Baylor Bears, he scored a 1-yard touchdown run.

Trent Green story did not end there, as by 1993 he was being drafted by the San Diego Chargers. During his first year in San Diego he was a backup player and had no time on the field. Later he was cut by the British Columbia Lions; after that he ended with the Washington Redskins. While he was part of that team, in 1998, he threw for 3,441 yards. This went on for a period of three years, starting on 1995.

After that he was slated to become a St Louis Rams starter, but he suffered an injury during a preseason game. This came with a silver lighting, leaving room for Kurt Warner who led the Rams to the XXXIV Super Bowl victory. The following year he became part of the team, as backup for Warner. He started during that middle season while Warner was recovering from a broken hand. With 5,232 net yards the two of them accomplished the highest team passing yard in the NFL history. That was also the team with which he won a SuperBowl ring in 2000.

The next year he was traded to the Kansas City Chiefs. He did a successful career during his time there, after struggling in his first year. His lucky year was 2003, he threw 4,039 yards and led the team to a record 13-3. Joining the triumphs of that year, he was chosen for his first Pro Bowl. Even with the Kansa City Chiefs missing the regular season, after losing against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Green made a great year. In 2005 things got better for the team and the player, as both bettered their game. His improvement showed when he was elected once again for the next season Pro Bowl. He had thrown 4,010 yards, the third consecutive time in three seasons. This achievement putted him among the very few other players that have the same accomplishment, making him part of the NFL history. The next year was not as dandy, with the quarterback suffering a concussion. He was out of the field and replaced by Damon Huard.

By 2007 Green was released by the Kansas City Chiefs and was traded to the Miami Dolphins, a team of his preference. This did not have a good beginning as he suffered yet another concussion. It seemed that his image was starting to decline as both sport commentators and fans recommended him to retired. He was putted on reserved, to be released the later year.

He returned to the team he played for from 1999 to 2000, the St Louis Rams. He had made a $9 million deal. His stay there last only a year. As the following one he announced his retirement, after having been released by the St Louis Rams earlier that same year. His next career move was to become a color analyst on regional NFL games that were to be broadcasted by the Fox Network. Along with this he worked as a studio analyst for NFL Total Access, broadcasted by the NFL Network. CBS hired him as a sports analyst in 2014 for the NFL games.

Personal Life

He married the 5th day of the month of February in 1995 with his now wife Julie. Their relationship started during their earlier college years. They had been together for some years since. After their first son T.J another two children came, a boy, Derek and a girl, Janelle. He is quite open about his opinion on many subjects, gives news about his foundation, and shares precious moments of his daily life with his twitter account.


It was mentioned before, but it bears repeating, Trent Green is the head of his own foundation. This being the Trent Family Foundation. An institution dedicated to bring resources, help and support families and individuals from any walks of life. Pointing with this to improve the health, education and wellness of the children in need of Kansas City. Trying this way to bring a better future to thousands of individuals.

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 12 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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