Victoria Osteen

Victoria Osteen was born in 1961 in Huntsville, Alabama. Victoria was the daughter of Donald IIoff, a mathematician with General Electric, and Georgine IIoff, a jeweler and Sunday school teacher. Victoria moved to Houston, Texas with her family when she was two years old as her father, who was a member of GE’s Saturn rocket project team, took a job with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Growing up in Texas, Victoria and her family were members of the conservative church known as the Church of Christ; where her father was a deacon and her mother taught Sunday school classes. As a little girl, Victoria would serve at the church with her father, greeting parishioners and helping with the offering collection. Victoria enjoyed her work at the church but did not know at the time that it would become her life’s work.

 Victoria attended the University of Houston where she majored in psychology. She also worked at her mother’s jewelry business. It was there that she first met her husband to be; Joel Osteen, when he came into the business to buy a battery for his watch. Joel is and American televangelist based in Houston, Texas whose televised sermons are seen by over twenty million viewers in over one hundred countries every month.


Joel and Victoria were married on April 4, 1987 and have been blessed with an excellent marriage which Victoria writes about in her blog. This entry, from September of 2016, speaks to the secret of her and Joel’s marriage. “Joel and I have a wonderful relationship,” she wrote. “He is such a great husband, and he tells me that I am a great wife. As good as Joel is, our marriage wasn’t built on Joel being perfect. It wasn’t built on me being perfect. It wasn’t built on us agreeing on everything.” Victoria continued to say that she and Joel wake up each morning with their hearts prepared to love each other no matter what the day brings. “In order to have a great marriage, we had to make some decisions early on,” she wrote. “We had to learn to adapt to one another. We had to be willing to change. Most importantly, we had to make the choice daily to build our home on unconditional love.” Joel and Victoria have two children, Jonathan and Alexandra, who serve alongside their parents in the ministry.

Professional Accomplishments

Osteen founded the Lakewood Church Ministry in 2003 and currently serves as the church’s co-pastor. Her Sunday service is broadcast via a live internet feed on the Daystar Television Network and is listened to by people all over the world. Victoria’s passion for ministry has blossomed over the years and she has gone from being a parishioner greeter to being an essential part of her church’s services; a church that welcomes nearly thirty eight thousand weekly attendees.

As a mother of two, Victoria also serves as a role model to women that are balancing work life as well as family responsibilities. Victoria wrote her first book, “Love Your Life’ in 2008. The book went to number two on the New York Times bestseller list in just two short weeks as well as being the largest printing by any publisher that year. The book is full of inspirational life quotes such as “Be prepared, because God is ready to fulfill the dreams and desires He’s placed within your heart.

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Published : Apr 4 2018
Modified : Apr 4 2018