Wesley Clark

General Wesley Clark is an U.S Army veteran who has served for over 38 years in the US army. He was a four star General and also the Supreme Allied Commander at NATO for three years from 1997. He has received numerous awards and honors during his career. After retiring from the military, Clark served as a public speaker and commentator for CNN and also for Fox News Channel.

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General Wesley Kanne Clark was born in the year 1944 in Chicago. His father, Benjamin Kanne was a democratic politician and a prosecutor. Wesley Clark moved to Little Rock in Arkansas after the death of his father. He studied at the United States Military Academy situated at West Point. He also enrolled in Oxford University with the help of a Rhodes scholarship and studied for two years. He is married to Gertrude. He converted to Catholicism after his marriage, when he was in Vietnam. They have a son Wesley Clark Jr. Clark did his master’s degree in military science at the Command and General Staff College.


During his 34 year military career, Clark has served in Vietnam, the war in Bosnia and Herzegovnia, as part of the peacekeeping forces in Kuwait and in the Kosovo war in the year 1999. He rose from the position of staff officer in the Vietnam War in 1969 to the post of Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) in the year 1997. He was relieved from the post abruptly in 2000 in a move that was rumored to be due to the contentious relationship he had with the political powers in Washington DC. He retired in May 2000. After retirement, he announced his candidacy for the 2004 presidential campaign. He also continued as the political commentator for CNN and is a public speaker.


Clark has received several awards, honors, and knighthoods in his military and civilian career. A few of his notable awards include the Legion of Merit, the Silver Star, and Bronze Star with oak leaf cluster, Defense Distinguished Service Medal, the Medal of Military Merit from Portugal and Presidential Medal of Freedom. He is also a Fellow at the International Relations Center at Burkle in UCLA and part of the guiding coalition in the Project on National Security Reform.

During the election campaign in 2003, Clark was involved in a controversy when he openly criticized McCain’s military experience. Clark has also authored two books, Winning Modern Wars and Waging Modern War: Bosnia, Kosovo and the Future of Combat which were bestsellers. He is also the chairman and CEO of Wesley K. Clark & Associates, a consulting firm. During his graduation in CGSC, his theory of applying force was taken up as the US National Security Policy, the Weinberger Doctrine which later became the Powell Doctrine.

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