Aisha Sesay 

Aisha Sesay was born on date 6 January in the year 1976. She is a British Journalist who has Sierra Leonean ancestry. From 2005, she had been working like a correspondent and an anchor of CNN international. She was first based from World Headquarters of CNN, in Atlanta city of Georgia and now she is based in the city of Los Angeles in California. She is the host of the CNN Newsroom Live from Los Angeles. Besides, she was a presenter for 360 Bulletin on the Anderson Cooper 360 degree. In the year 2012, Sesay became the co-anchor of HLN of Evening Express.

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From her biography, Aisha Sesay was born from Temne parents who were coming from Sierra Leone and she returned to her homeland with her parents when she was seven years. She grew up in the Muslim and spent a large part of her childhood in Sierra Leone. She has two siblings, an older sister with a younger brother. Dr Kadi Sesay is her mother and she worked as a lecturer in the Fourah Bay College. Dr Sesay in the year 1992, she was appointed to be the advisor in Valentine Strasser’s government. The father worked like a legal advisor of SLPMP (Sierra Leone Produce Marketing Board) but he died in the year 1988.

Aisha Sesay went to the Private Fourah Bay College School in the city of Freetown. When she was 16 years, in the year 1992, she went to UK for college and further studies. When she completed the A-Levels, she got accepted in the Trinity College of Cambridge and this is where she did English. She decided to enter into the television journalist career but before she wanted to be an actress. Before she finishes, she started to write to different media groups where she wanted to get the job.

When she graduated, she got the job of working in the television career where she was a researcher for Kilroy, a BBC Talk Show and she worked first like the unpaid intern. Afterwards, she got hired to be a full-time employee and was said. In the year 1998, she moved to live in Glasgow where she worked for BBC Scotland and after working for sometime behind camera, she got the first job of working like a TV announcer for BBC Choice. She presented different programs for BBC, TWI, CNN and she joined Sky in the year 2002.

While working at Sky, she spent some time working like an anchor of Good Morning Sports Fans of Sky Sports News. She said that the best period was when she met ex boxer Michael Watson. After a while she moved to work at ITN and she anchored ITV Morning News Program. Aisha Sesay got married to Leif Coorlim in the year 2013. Her husband is also a staff at CNN. There is no information if they have got the children yet. No records about her net worth.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 6 Jan, 1976
Age: 44 yrs
Occupations: Journalist
News presenter
Citizenship: United Kingdom
Sierra Leone
United States of America
Birth Place: Bordeaux
Education: Trinity College
Gender: Female
Description: Journalist and News Anchor
Twitter Id: IamIshaSesay
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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