Alanna Ubach

Alanna Ubach was born in 1975, October 3 in California, USA. She was the second daughter to a Puerto Rican father Rodolfo and a Mexican mother Sidna. Alanna has an older sister Athena who works as a physical therapist. The actress was showing her talents at the early age and had already made her debut on the screen at the age of 7.

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Ubach is known for her vast repertoire of movies and TV shows. Romper Room was where she first appeared on the screen. Before joining a group of a traveling troupe of actors at the age of 14, Alanna spent her time trying to improve her acting and dancing as much as she could. New York Times applauded her in 1990 for the performance of a Jewish girl in the play titled Club Soda. During this period, she managed to get a regular job on television. Beakman's World was an educational TV show for children. Ubach was Jossie the assistant.

Before reaching adulthood, Alanna did a couple of more performances at the theater but as she grew older she became interested in the independent film world. In 1995, she appeared in Hal Salwen's Denise Calls Up, a comedy about people who stay in touch via various means but never actually get together. In 1997, she appeared in a more mainstream movie Clockwatchers, which was directed by Jill Sprecher.

In later portions of her career, Alanna went on to star in movies such as Freeway, The Sterling Chase, Bad Teacher and so forth. Her most famous performance was in 2001 comedy Legally Blonde where she played Serena McGuire. The movie got 141 million dollars in the Box Office with the budget of only 18 million. Meet the Fockers was another Box Office success Ubach was a part of. Jay Roach's movie made more than 500 million dollars. Allana played a part of Isabel Villalobos.

The actress is mostly known for her movie work but she has done some television as well. Most recently she appeared in Showtime's Californication as Trudy alongside show's star David Duchovny. She also played small roles in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, NCIS, and Mentalist.

Alanna Ubach also did some voice acting for video games, including Rango and Grand Theft Auto V.

Nominations and awards

Despite her long career, the actress does not have any recognizable awards. She did, however, receive two nominations. In 1993, Alanna was nominated for Young Artist Award for her performance in Beakman's World. In 2014, she was nominated for BTVA Television Voice Acting Award as a part of being in a Best Vocal Ensemble in a TV Series.


It is unknown whether the actress is married and has a husband. She likes to keep her private life under the radar.

Alanna Ubach is 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs about 102 pounds. It is estimated that she is worth about 1.2 million dollars. The actress joined Twitter in the fall of 2011 and has been active on it ever since.

Alanna is an actress in her early 40's and is yet to have a defining moment in her career. Most of her career was spent doing rather minor roles and those who have been fans of Ubach really want to see her have a bigger role.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 3 Oct, 1975
Age: 44 yrs
Occupations: Model
Voice actor
Film actor
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Downey
residence: Downey
Gender: Female
Description: American actress
Net Worth 2021: 800 thousand
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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