David Duchovny

David William Duchovny is an American actor, director and writer who is known for his roles in Californification and X Files. He has won two Golden Globe awards.

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He married his wife, Tea Leoni in 1997. They have two children together. In 2008, he said that he was getting treated in a rehab for carnal addiction. It was said that Tea got separated from her husband long back, because of the carnal addiction. It was also said that he had an affair with Edit Pakay, Tennis instructor when he was married. This was also rumored to be the reason for filing the divorce. David denied this rumor and said that it was a total lie.

David’s rehab founder, Rob Weiss said that they got separated after he started his treatment. This could only mean two things, according to him. Either he was not fully recovered or the spouse had some unresolved anger that she did not want to live with him anymore. In 2008, after he came out of rehab, both of them retracted their claims for legal separation..

They got back together for a small period of time and again, they announced that they got separated in 2011. They sold their marital house and move to separate locations. In 2012, he said that the marriage is not broken, but, they are not living together. David was said to be in a romantic relationship with Gillian Anderson. Though they worked together for more than a decade, there was no talk about their relationship when they were filming together. He and his new girlfriend, Gillian were spotted swimming together in his house. Gillian was rumored to be living with her secret boyfriend for a long time. It was said that he wanted to move in with her and that’s why he and Tea sold their marital house.

When asked about the rumor of living together, she said that she can answer for David too, as they are living together and laughed. The reporters did not know whether she was making a sarcastic comment on those rumors or she was at last coming true about the relationship. David did not comment on the rumors and to her sarcastic reply. Given the history of how David reacts to rumors, it was very awkward for him to stay quiet. Thus, it might not be a rumor that is completely false.

David later proved that it was true by his activities on the Twitter. After he joined Twitter in 2014, he dedicated many tweets to her. He asked her why she kept Twitter, a secret from him, all these years. It looked like the couple are gradually bringing their relationship to the public. As for things between him and Tea, they are just married but do not share a feeling of love. There are no known reasons as why they are procrastinating the separation. Do they have the hope that they would get back sometime or the other? If so, they are not taking adequate steps for the same. They haven’t seen each other after they both went on their own ways. The kids are assumed to be with Tea.


Quick Facts
Birth Date: 7 Aug, 1960
Age: 59 yrs
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: New York City
residence: Los Angeles
Gender: Male
Description: American actor, writer, producer, director, novelist, and singer-songwriter
Twitter Id: Davidduchovny
Spouse: Téa Leoni[1997-2014]
Net Worth 2021: 80 million
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Last Modified: Feb 19 2023
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