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Published : Aug 30 2014 | Modified : Nov 27 2016

Alexander Emerick "Alex" Jones is an American radio host, documentary filmmaker, writer, scheme scholar, and narrative producer. He is well known from The Alex Jones Show which he hosts from Austin, Texas on the Genesis Communications Network and shortwave radio station WWCR across the United States. For the last few years he has also boosted his online presence mostly via his YouTube channel, which - by no surprise - today counts nearly 2 million subscribers.

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Quick facts

Date of Birth 11-02-1974
Height 1.78 m
Profession Radio host, film producer
Nationality United States
Ethnicity American
Birth Place Dallas, Texas, United States
Wife Kelly Rebecca Nichols
Alma Mater Anderson High School, Austin Community College
Marital Status Married
Net Worth $5 Million
Birth Sign Aquarius

Born in 1974 in Dallas, Texa, Alex got into sports from a young age. He reports being a lineman on his high school's football team, the Anderson High School in Austin, from which he graduated in 1993. The renowned conspiracy theorist has admitted in his video podcasts that he is of " he is of Irish, German, Welsh, mostly English, and partially Native American descent". His father, David Jones, was a dentist and his mother a homemaker.

Starting at the tender age of 20, Jones launched an access television show which within a year led to him scoring a highly rated week night radio show in Austin, Texas. That od course is no other show than the Alex Jones Show which is now syndicated on over 160 stations across the country. Through his show Alex has sparked a number of conspiracy theories; that is the reason that it attracts younger viewers instead of conservative pundits, according to journalist Will Bunch, a senior fellow at Media Matters for America.

In general, Alex Jones has been in the center of attention in more than one occasions and its usually not for a good reason. The so called "master of conspiracy" has created vast controversy around his name. One of the most recent examples is the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, a topic on which Alex was criticised by Hillary Clinton due to his actions and statements. Trump on the other hand, called Jones "a nice guy" when he was interviewed by the latter, not to mention that Roger Stone, the Nixon-era political trickster who orchestrated Trump’s appearance on the show said "I think Alex Jones may be the single most important voice in the alternative conservative media". In another instance, in January 2013, he was invited to speak on Piers Morgan's show after promoting an online petition to deport Morgan because of his support of gun control laws. According to Huffington Post, the whole thing soon turned into "a one-person shoutfest, as Jones riffed about guns, oppressive government, the flag, his ancestors' role in Texan independence, and what flag Morgan would have on his tights if they wrestled."

Still, after all controversy aside, Jones is a professional with a strong and active presence not only on the radio but online as well. In fact, he operates numerous websites, such as infowars.com and prisonplanet.com. Both of those sites were created to provide news mostly on civil liberties issues and global government.

And as if that is not enough to fill a man's bio, Alex also acted as a prolific filmmaker, producing on average two films per year from 1997 till 2008. His last one was FABLED ENEMIES, a film that questionned the events of September 11th 2001. Instead of focusing on physical anomalies surrounding the attacks, it focuses on a vast intelligence network and how they were able to succeed almost 7 years ago.

As for his personal life, Jones lives with his wife and three kids in Louisville, Kentucky. He has been married to Kelly Rebecca Nichols (also known as Violet Jones) and has three children. His net worth is 5 million dollars.

Alex Jones' wife was included in a few attention tricks, while working with PETA. It is reasonable to accept that Alex Jones' wife has been using her media and advertising abilities to aid Alex in stretching his media business and picking up reputation for himself after she started dating him in the late 1990's. Alex Jones discusses his wife's contribution with PETA amid his meeting with David Martosko of the Center for Consumer Freedom on May 6, 2009. Obviously, Jones makes his wife have all the earmarks of being a fair holy messenger among malicious, dishonest, and sickening PETA commercials. He has cited that Kelly is exceptionally bright. He dots on his wife and says that she has a very bright future, ahead of her.

Kelly deals with a lot of obligations which she needs to complete at home. She has already told her spouse about how to talk and what to say when somebody calls to say that their relationship has finished. There are no gossipy goodies or no spillage pictures which could rake up controversies in their matrimonial life. There are no reports about any girlfriends or boyfriends, before marriage. The way he proposed her or how they started dating, is still unknown. No insights about his family life are accessible to the public. There are no different reports of him utilizing his conjugal issues, basically to expand the rating for the show. He has not talked much about his relationship with her. He is quite inert to the media and likes to live life on his own terms.

He and Kelly are carrying on with an agreeable existence with no affairs which would pull them off, towards detachment. There are no gossips about additional conjugal affairs, so long as Alex is concerned. All that we could get is that he is content with his family and there are no reports of any indications of separation, in his conjugal life. It is exceptionally uncommon that such identities, whose life is extremely private, does not have controversies, whatsoever. Individuals have a tendency to hide their personal life away from the glare of the media, to avoid getting involved in any controversy.

In one meeting, Kelly discussed about Alex and said that he ought to never drive in his life. She does all the driving while he sits and tweets. With such an understanding couple who complements one another, the word ‘divorce’ is not uttered.

Since 2012, he had left his family as he was suspected to have an indirect connection with the 9/11 bombings that shook the entire country.

Stew Webb of VeteransTruthNetwork reports an affair with a woman who works on the InfoWars team is the result of this divorce. I will not name this woman out of respect for her privacy. Everybody on the Infowars team knew about the affair. I was also told by another InfoWars insider that Anthony Gucciardi could basically do anything he wanted because he had Alex Jones in a box regarding this divorce.

Infowars star reporter spills beans on Alex Jones!

Anthony Gucciardi admits in this recording he was brought in to shore up Alex Jones’ crumbling reputation. Anthony Gucciardi said Alex only cares about his fame and power. This recording confirms what I was told by another insider who told me Anthony Gucciardi has Alex Jones over the barrel right now over this divorce! Alex is now being fully discredited as being a Zionist shill, lying and covering up the hardcore truth and whistleblowers! Everybody is figuring it out now and spreading the information! You can lie to people, censor key information and shill for people only so long until it catches up to you. All fakes must be exposed to take the battle against the new world order to the next level. We can’t have “controlled opposition” as leaders who will not organize signatures for recalls on all the gun grabbers and expect to slow down the NWO!

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