Ami James

Ami James was born on April 6th, 1972. His origin was from Miami, Florida, USA. He is of a Jewish ethnicity. Ami's father also was a Jewish, and he converted before moving to Israel with three years. After the move to Israel, he joined the Israeli army. Ami grew up in both Egypt and Israel.

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The beginning of tattooing:

Since he was a little child, he was suffering from ADHD. That and his father's withdrawal from his life at a very young age, when he was only four, are the main reasons that got him involved in art and tattooing. Also, his father was a painter and had tattoos which was something of great interest to Ami when he was a kid. James didn't move to the United States until the age of eleven where he was living with his grandparents from his father's side. When he was twelve, he finally moved to Miami. He moved back to Israel when he was a teenager and there he became a sniper and got his military service for the Israeli defense forces finished. He got his own personal tattoo at the age of fifteen. And that specific incident was what made him decide that what he wanted was to become a tattoo artist himself.

His career:

In 1992, Ami started his career as a tattoo artist. He first started working at "Tattoos by Lou" with another fellow colleague artist. He moved to Denmark and lived there for a number of months in 1996, and he did tattoos there also. James and his partner Chris Nunez were both the co-founders of the tattoo parlor "Love hate tattoos" in Miami, Florida. Further to this, he was also the main personality in "Miami Ink", which is a TLC reality television program and it was one of the things that James was very famous for. I addition to this, he was the co-owner of the clothing company Deville, alongside with Jesse Fleet and Nunez. He was also the co-owner of "Love Hate Lounge", the Miami nightclub, his partner were, once again Nunez and another two of his close friends. Moreover, he did some investments with Larry Weymouth, the famous Boston jeweler.

Their investment together was, at the time, a new jewelry line called "Love Hate Choppers". Later in 2011, James started filming his own show "NY ink". He started filming it in March and it was premiered on June, the very same year. The setting of the show was "Wooster street social club" which was one of the bases of Ami. He also opened a tattoo studio in London, UK, "Love Hate Social club". Furthermore, he took part in an ad for the campaign "Ink not Mink", where he was colliding with PETA on this. Beside that, he, once again, was one of the co-founders of "Tattoodo" which was first launched in 2013, on May, 9th, and it was an online platform for getting different tattoo designs.

Animals abbuse:

Ami was forever against animals' abbuse and that is why he teamed up with PETA for the first time in their campaign "INK not mink". After that, he teamed with PETA again, where he took part in a behind the scenes ad. He took a photo with his beloved dog Bella and it was to deliver a very important message, that he truly believed and it was of how coward are those who abbuse animals.

Ami's marriage/s:

Ami's marriage was one of the most interesting aspects about his personal life. Until this day, he has been married five times. There is no information regarding the divorce and the settlements. There are many conflicting information about his marital life. There is no information about his children too. It is said that he is currently married to his recent girlfriend, Jordon, who is just 18 years old. He still talks in the show that he is single. According to a source, it is said that he is very difficult to live with because of his temper and he goes home only for his dog. He is now living with his wife, Jordan Kidd and has two daughters. There is also news that he has recently ceased his relationship with Kidd and is again single. There are also rumors that he was not married to Kidd and they were just living together.

In addition to this, there are even more rumors that Kidd and James have got separated with Kidd, she also got the custody of the children. Due to lack of concrete information from James on this subject, the rumors seem to increase. He has stated many times that he is single. But, he never talked about his past dating or marital experiences. He once claimed himself that he has been married five times. He was married to Andrea o Brian and then it was annulled. There are no details about the annulment and whether the number ‘five’ includes the annulment or not.

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Quick Facts
Date of Birth: 06-04-1972
Birth Place: Israel
Ex. Wife: Andrea O'Brian
Wife: Jordan Kidd
Divorced Date: 2006
Marriage Date: 2006
Children: Nalia James, Shayli Haylen James
T.V. Show(s): Miami Ink, NY Ink, Worldwide Tribe
Profession: Tattoo artist Entrepreneur Clothing Television personality
Birth Sign: Acer
Marital Status: Married
Salary: $41000
Net Worth: $ 5.5 million
Employer: tattoo artist
Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Ethnicity: Middle Eastern
Nationality: American, Israeli
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Last Modified : Nov 14 2016