Andrew Farriss

Who is Andrew Farriss?

Andrew Farriss is known as an Australian rock musician. He is most famous for playing the keyboard for the band, INXS.

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Background and Age

Andrew Farriss was born in Western Australia in 1959. His folks Dennis and Jill Farriss took their children from Perth to England when Andrew was 5 years of age. In London, they went to a broadcast theatrical presentation. Farriss met with the future lead singer of INXS at Davidson High School. They became friends but it took some time before they joined together for the creation of INXS. At first, he played only the keyboard but after some time he also played the guitar. He played other handheld instruments including the harmonica.

Career and Net Worth

After the founding members of INXS developed friendships, Farriss became the composer of the group while Michael Hutchence became the lyricist. Even though some songs were written by other members, Farriss has written most of the songs. Some were even written by his younger brother who was a drummer in the band.

INXS sold more than 30 million records, some of them hit number one within four continents. The group is not successful only in Australia but also internationally. The original group was made by Tom Farriss who was a guitarist, Andrew Farriss who was a pianist, and Jon Farris who was a drummer. The INXS was formed on the 20th birthday of Tim Farris. All members of the team moved together and they spent time playing in local hotels, rehearsing, and writing the songs. The name INXS is believed to have been inspired by XTC an English band.

Andrew Farriss collaborated with other groups to write different songs and the most famous collaboration was with Jenny Morris who is a singer in New Zealand. In 2005, INXS started a reality TV show called Rock Star. This program was a worldwide search of a new lead singer and INXS knew that it might be an impossible task of replacing Michael Hutchence after he died in 1997. Farriss was shy and did not offer too much criticism for the contestants. Canadian singer JD Fortune became the winner and the first album they produced with him was called Switch in 2005.

Farriss has composed many songs that became an instant hit like Original Sin and Need You Tonight. The INXS said that without him, then the group would not be able to do music anymore. In addition to composing for his group, he has also written for GUN, Yindi, Yothu, and Jenny Morris.

In 2020, Andrew released his first independent collection. It featured a single, Good Momma Bad. His country music album was a radical new course for Farriss. The album collection includes melodies about America's old West and Australia's bushranger time, all recorded utilizing instruments of the period.

Andrew Farriss has an estimated net worth of over $20 million dollars.

Marriage, Wife, and Kids

Andrew Farriss met his first wife in 1987 and got married in 1989 but their marriage ended in a divorce. They had three children together during their marriage. His second marriage was with Marlina. They got married in 2013, in the state of Florida.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 27 Mar, 1959
Age: 61 yrs
Occupations: Composer
Citizenship: Australia
Birth Place: Perth
Education: Davidson High School
Gender: Male
Description: Australian musician
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Last Modified: Sep 15 2020
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