Anna Kooiman

Anna Kooiman is an American Journalist that is known for her work on Fox News.

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Anna Kooiman was born on February, 7 1984. She was born in Charlotte, North Carolina and grew up there as a kid. Her parents also lived in this city and are the owners of the Peppermint Forest Christmas Shop and the Southeast Oasis Pool. They are both from a Dutch ancestry. Since she had parents that owned businesses, Anna was able to live a comfortable life. While other children her age had parents that were struggling at jobs, Anna had the luxury of coming home to peace and quiet. Her parents were able to provide her with a safe home. When she would come from school, she was able to enjoy the fruits of her parents’ labor. They did not argue much because their financial concerns were well taken care of. All they really had to worry about was raising their daughter to become someone important and respected.

She attended  Myers Park High School and graduated in 2002. During her high school days she was actively involved in sporting activities such as softball and was part of the team of the South Park Youth Association. She went to the University of North Carolina, from where she started her career as a reporter in the year 2004. After graduating from the University of North Carolina, Anna continued with her previous job and also went on to anchor news programs. Two years after her graduation from the university in 2007 she relocated to Ohio. In Toledo, Ohio she worked for a local news channel. She was the reporter as well as anchor for that channel. Her program was a morning show. She feel deeply in love with reporting. While she was taking classes, she did not expect to fall in love with the field so quickly. She thought she would just work a little bit to gain some experience but the job matched her very well. She liked the idea that she could get around and bring the news to people.

Broadcasting Career
She began her professional career working for Fox Sports as a sideline reporter during her college years in 2004 at the University of North Carolina. At WWAY in Wilmington, she continued as a video journalist, anchor and reporter in North Carolina. She worked at WWAY in 2005. After her relocation to Toledo, Ohio in January 2007, she took off with another job with WNWO, a local NBC affiliate. At the station, she was a reporter as well as a morning anchor.

She was also a franchise reporter with a US Marshal, who helped in the capture of more 100 escapees. It looks like she had a thing for her hometown and she relocated back to Charlotte, where she grew up as a child and worked as a reporter, anchor and host of the Fox News Rising. This program was on WCCB, an affiliate of Fox. Presently WCCB is not an affiliate of FOX but a CW affiliated network. At this station, she was in charge of the local news stories, traffic, weather and entertainment. She started covering fitness and health reports in December 2011 and it included her general reporting assignment.

Quick Facts
Height: 1.75 m
Date of Birth: 07-02-1984
Birth Place: Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Alma Mater: University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Nationality: American
Profession: TV Reporter
Employer: Fox News
Ethnicity: White
Net Worth: $3.8 Million Dollars
Husband: Tim Stuckey
Marriage Date: 2015
Marital Status: Married
T.V. Show(s): Fox and Friends Weekend
Birth Sign: Aquarius
Children: N/A
Salary: $350,000
Birth Date: 7 Feb, 1984
Age: 36 yrs
Occupations: Reporter
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Charlotte
residence: Sydney
Education: University of North Carolina Wilmington
Gender: Female
Description: American television news reporter
Twitter Id: Annakooiman
Net Worth 2021: 4 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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