Anthony Michael

Anthony Michael was born on 14th April 1968. His full name is Michael Anthony Thomas Charles Hall.  He is a famous producer, director and an actor. He was born in Boston. His mother Mercedes Hall married Larry, who was an auto-body-shop owner. They got divorced when Anthony was six months old. His mother was a singer and used to sing blues-jazz. He moved with his mother to New York later. His mother remarried to Thomas Chestaro. He was a manager in show business. He has a half-sister named as Mary Chestaro. She is pursuing her career in singing and uses name Mary C. He has gone to St. Hugh’s school and St. Hilda’s in New York. Later he attended Professional School for Children in Manhattan.

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Anthony Michael hall movies include teen movies also. He started his career with appearances in commercial ads. He has appeared in Bounty and toys. He was known for his ad Honeycomb cereal kid. He made his stage debut in 1977 in the play “The Wake” in the role of Steve Allen. He played the role of Rusty Griswold in “National Lampoon Vacation”. The movie was a massive hit in 1983 which got the business of US $ 61 million. He was seen in the role of Molly Ringwald, a geek in the movie Sixteen Candles in the year 1984. In 1985, he was seen in the teen classics and both were directed by John Hughes. He was part of the movie “The Breakfast Club” and he was praised by the film critic also for his performance. He was seen in “Saturday Night Live” when he was 17years old. That makes him the youngest member of the cast so till date. He appeared in the movie “Out of Bounds” in the year 1986. Then he was seen in “Johny Be Good” in the year 1988. However, that failed to impress the audience. He became an alcoholic in between and was not seen in movies for 2 years. He made his entry again through the movie “Edward Scissorhands” in 1990 which was a massive hit. He moved to roles which are more mature after that. He was seen in the movie “Into the Sun” in the year 1992. He directed his first movie in the year 1994 named as “Hail Caeser” and he was also seen in that movie. The film also contained soundtracks which were written by Anthony. He gained attention from media once again in the year 1999 for his movie “Pirates of Silicon Valley”. He played the role of Bill Gates in the movie. The movie was also nominated for Emmy Awards. He appeared as himself in the movie “Happy Accidents” in the year 2000. He has performed various supporting roles in the “All About Benjamins” and “Freddy got Fingered”. He made a guest appearance in season 1 of “Community”. He was seen as a TV reporter in “The Dark Knight” and in the movie “Aftermath”.

There is another person named as Anthony Michael, who is a fitness trainer who sells fit food. You can find more information about him on Facebook and the sale of his products. He is mistaken to be Anthony Michael Hall due to same name confusion. Anthony Michael Hall’s net worth is estimated to be around $1o million.

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