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Ceiline Galipeau is an eminent Canadian television and radio news host who is popularly known for her perceptive and extensive news coverage from Moscow. At the moment, you can find Celine hosting the weekday flagship newscast Le Telejournal. This brilliant host was born in the year 1957 at Longueuil. She was the daughter of a Quebec journalist while her mom was a Vietnamese nurse who was a refugee of Indochina War.


Early life and education

Celine spent most of her childhood days at Togo, Lebanon, Senegal, the west bank and as well as in Jordan. Since her father was a journalist they had to travel to many places and hence Celine’s childhood times were spent in different places. In the year 1960, her father became an official mediator in the United Nations. Celine did her education in the University of Birzeit West Bank and she completed her literature degree in English at the Amman Jordan University. Also in the year 1978 – 83, Celine did her sociology and political science graduation in McGill University at Montreal.



Once after completing her graduation successfully, she started her career as a journalist in the middle of 80’s at Quebec City. In the period of 90’s, the news coverage included the Algerian Civil war, Chechnya War and Gulf War. During the year 2003 – 2008, Celine was the chief of antenna Telejounal that takes place during the weekends. During the year 2009, she got the responsibility of anchoring the news shows Telejournal. Very recently Celine was commonly illustrated by sharing her reports over the status of women living in India, China and Afghanistan. This lady is world-renowned and she has been very successful working as a journalist. She has won quite many awards in his career.


The Vietnam War created a big impact during her childhood times, since her uncles served as a senior officer at the Southern Vietnam Government and many of her family people lived there at Vietnam during the occurrence of the war. Proudly to describe, Celine was the first and the foremost female news host of Radio Canada. Also she was the role model for the whole women generation and her career accomplishments are many indeed. She is such wonderful women who has been aspired by people all over the world. Her brilliant news coverage in all sorts of presentations has won her accolades and tribute to her workmanship. Never mind whether it is Paris, Beijing, Moscow, London or other war zones like Kosovo, Afghanistan and Chechnya, her coverage really inspired the viewers.


She started her profession with Radio Canada in the year 1984 while she served as a reported prior anchoring the Montreal ce soir newscast. When she happened to stay at Paris for 4 years, Celine filed quite a number of reports on the French & European developments and as well she observed the dramatic histories of Islamist violence happening at Kosovo war in Algeria. Moreover, Celine served as the correspondent at China while her reports earned her tribute and honors.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 11 Mar, 1957
Age: 63 yrs
Occupations: News presenter
Television presenter
Citizenship: Canada
Birth Place: Longueuil
Education: McGill University
Gender: Female
Description: Canadian journalist
Last Modified: Jun 22 2020
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