Chaka Khan

10 time Grammy award winner who has sold over 70 million records, "Chaka Khan", an American singer, songwriter, author, entrepreneur, activist and philanthropist, is often celebrated for her exceptional singing abilities. A celebrated music icon, Chaka's rare singing ability that enables her to sing in seven music genres (R&B, pop, rock, gospel, country, world music and classical) has in fact brought her singing prowess and devotion into notice. Not surprisingly, her career has spanned over four decades.

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Born on March 23, 1953 in Chicago, Illinois, US, into an artistic, bohemian household, Chaka was the eldest of five children to parents Charles Steven and Sandra Coleman.

Now moving on to her physical configuration, she is not a tall woman with the height of 5 feet and 4 inches. However, she is still fit and fine even at the age of 62 now. Furthermore, her trademark is her big wild hair and seductive unique voice.

Amazingly, she looks like someone on her 20's or 30's even she is a oldie now.

The credit to such a fit body goes to her balanced vegan diet and exercise plans. In fact, she did force herself to follow a healthy lifestyle after being diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes.

Chaka had quickly achieved the title of one of the hot singer when she broke out. Not only young Chaka had awesome singing prowess but also an amazingly fit body. Clearly, the weight transformation (loss) that she made possible in 2012 has once again brought her closer to young days glory.

 Nevertheless, Chaka is happy with her fit apple shaped body (body measurements 39-32-40 inches). Moreover, Chaka's weight is considered to be around 166 pounds. Furthermore, she is of black ethnicity (African American and Native American descent)

 It's true that Chaka had drugs and alcohol addiction issues in the past. Moreover, she suffered by such phenomenon even in her childhood, as her father was addicted to heroin. Not only that, both of her parents used to drink.

In an interview, Chaka has described her childhood self as a shy and loner kid. Sadly, Chaka's parents divorced when she was 12.

Chaka's had never expected her parents to break up. Good times spent with her parents constantly lingered before her eyes. Young Chaka also missed singing together with her parents.

 As time passed, Chaka got used to her new way of life. She understood that her parents divorced for a reason. She also remembered awful moments in the house and thought the divorce at least stooped such moments. Still, she always wondered how her life would be if her parents had not divorced.

Strictly raised catholic, she was inspired by her grandmother, who brought her near to jazz genera. Anyway, the ray of hope for the shy kid with troubled childhood turned out to be her singing ability later.

In her pre-teen years, she became more attracted to rhythm and blues music. She was 11 when she formed her first musical group, a girl group called "the 'Crystalettes" Incorporating her sister Tika as well.

 Later, early-teen Chaka got more rebellious in nature. During this time, she not only attended several civil right rallies, but also joined the Black Panther party. Her father second wife Connie was the one who inspired her to join the rallies and activist/friend Fred Hampton convinced her to join the party.

Moreover, she was 16 when she left the party and quit her high school to solely focus on her music career. After playing locally for couple of years, she joined the funk group Rufus as a lead singer (replaced rock and roll singer Paulette McWilliams) upon being discovered by the group two members while performing.

Talking about her relationship status, she is a married woman. Since 2001, she is enjoying married life with husband Doug Rashed, a self-taught musician, song writer, producer and president of Doug Rasheed Entertainment and Madcastle Productionz. Although she is married to Rasheed, she hasn't publicly stated so. However, there are various sites that have verified their marriage and not only that, they were spotted together in various occasion in the past.

Her previous husbands were Hassan Khan (alongside whom she performed for Cash McCall's group Lyfe after quitting high school in 1969. They married in the year 1970 and divorced a short time later) and Richard Holland (who saved early 20's diva Chaka's life. They married in the year 1976).

"I was in my 20s, and I was singing with the band Rufus. We were taking cocaine all day and working 12, 13, 14 hours in the studio. I was having trouble getting any sleep and I was very depressed. I came back home one morning and took a heavy-duty sleeping pill. It didn’t work so I took another one. The next thing I know,  I’m in an ambulance, getting my stomach pumped, and they told me that I nearly died. That’s how I met my second husband, Richard Holland. He saved my life. He lived next door to me in Laurel Canyon. He said I walked into his house, walked up to his bed, knelt on the floor and collapsed. He didn’t feel a pulse, and called 911." - Chaka Khan (in an interview)

Of course, we have no right to judge Chaka. She has really devoted her life towards music. Yes, it's true she abused drugs, but it's also true that she has been sober since a long time now. Everybody in this world gets chance to correct their mistakes and so did Chaka.

One can visit her Wikipedia biography to get more info on her professional life. Plus, fans can follow the singer who has achieved ten #1 Billboard magazine charted songs, seven RIAA certified gold singles and ten RIAA certified gold and platinum albums on her twitter account (246k followers).

If you didn't know, her sister Yvonne and brother Mark are also popular musicians.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 23 Mar, 1953
Age: 67 yrs
Occupations: Singer
Jazz musician
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Chicago
Education: Berklee College of Music
Gender: Female
Description: American singer-songwriter
Twitter Id: ChakaKhan
Net Worth 2021: 30 million
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Last Modified: Feb 19 2023
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