Christine Elise

Christine Elise is American television and film actress who was born in the year 1965.  She was born in the place called Massachusetts and she is a daughter to two artists. She is a graduate of Boston Latin School. She was given the role in China Beach and it is a recurring role where she says that it is the best professional experience she ever had. She played in Kyle role for Child’s Play 2. In the year 1993, she played as Jenn Plat in Body Snatchers which is a horror film. She had a recurring role in Beverly Hills 90210 as Emily Valentine.  She appeared in the second season for ER over 17 episodes. After the stint with ER, she was seen on a short lived Fox show called LA firefighters.  She was on Vanishing Point, which is a TV movie together with Viggo Mortensen. He requested that she should be given the role when they met. Their first meeting was when they were on a new project called Boiling Point and he thought that the role suits her. In the Heat of the Night, she had a recurring role and appeared in the Episode Charmed. She featured in the Punk Rock documentaries for American Hardcore called All Ages: The Boston Hardcore Film.

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The latest roles she played include Prom which is a film under Disney. She made directorial debut when she did award winning short film that she has produced and written called Bathing and Single Girl. She also starred in it.  From 2010, Bathing and The Single Girl had been screened in over 100 festivals and got 20 awards. Dystel and Goderich Literary Management represented the full length novel under the same name. 

She is a programmer of Waterfront film festivals in Michigan from the time that it was founded in the year 1999. She had been involved in different capacities including moderator, programmer, panelist and juror.  She is now in charge of food porn called Delightful Delicious delovely. She appeared at Ken Reid’s TV guidance Counselor Podcast.

Christine Elise under her really name Christine McCarthy, she had pursued the career in photography and she loves it. She showcased her work in 2nd Cup Café of Boston. In the year 2008, the photographs were also displayed at Paris Restaurant for Pink Flamingos. In 2009, she was a participant in an exhibit in Massachusetts called Burlesque As Art.

Christine Elise was engaged briefly to Jason Priestley and she is a friend of Michael Patrick MacDonald who is author for All Souls. She works professionally like a photographer. She had written an essay called Lavish Coffee Table book The Irish Face In America and she talks about how she was born Irish and the problem of growing up in Boston, poor. She is the partner of the entertainment connectivity site called This is the site that it is devoted to the artistic professionals starting from the authors, painters, actors, grips with producers. Her life is an inspiration that was behind the DVS Single called Wild Card of 2011.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 12 Feb, 1965
Age: 55 yrs
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Boston
Education: Boston Latin School
Gender: Female
Description: American film and television actress
Net Worth 2021: 6 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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