Christine King Farris

Christine King Farris was born as Willie Christine King in 1927. She is an eldest and also only living sibling of late Rev Martin Luther King Jr. She is a teacher at Spelman College while at the same time she is an author of many books. She is a public speaker and talks on many topics and they include multicultural education, King family and teaching. She is a Professor and she worked for many years like a Vice Chair and a treasurer for King Center. She had been active of many years for International Reading Association in many churches and in civic organization and this include National Association of Advancement of Colored People and for Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

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Christine King Farris is an elder son for Reverend Martin Luther King Sr with Alberta Christine Williams King. She is the elder sister to Rev Martin Luther King Jr and to Alfred Daniel Williams King I. These three Siblings spent most of their young age with the grandparents. She got married to Isaac Newton Farris Sr in 1960 and they got two children, they are Isaac Newton Farris Jr and Angela Christine Farris Watkins. Isaac Jr was the CEO of King Center.

Christine King Farris had to endure the murder of a brother in the year 1968 and another one was drowned in the year 1969. Her mother was also murdered in 1974. She never returned to Memphis, in Tennessee but only to retrieve the body of her brother after the assassination. After sometime, she also attended funerals of a niece called Yolanda King and of the sister in law called Coretta Scott King. During the interview of CNN, she said she will not go for the 40th anniversary of the assassination of her brother because of the painful memories she has with the last visit she had in Memphis.

She is the author of many books and most of them are about her brother Martin. The books are March On!: The Day My Brother Martin Changed The World, My Brother Martin: A Sister Remembers Growing up with The RV Dr Martin Luther King Jr and My Brother Martin.

According to her biography, she has written a memoire of his brother’s life called Through it All; She is a reserved woman and also formal. She had spent most of her past years delving in the ugliest memories. She says that she was affected by the death of her brother more than anyone else. She says that she needs to push away the painful memories since she wants to humanize her young brother. She says that even if everyone wants to take King as a civil rights icon, she would like to strip away the platitudes and to reveal a playful brother she knows. He wants everyone to know him as a normal person not a mystic one. Christine King Farris’s net worth is not recorded yet.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 11 Sep, 1927
Age: 92 yrs
Occupations: Writer
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Atlanta
Education: Spelman College
Columbia University
Gender: Female
Description: American activist
Net Worth 2021: 1.5 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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