Dominic Cotton

Dominic Cotton was born in Chechire but his parents moved to London when he has only 2 years. Cotton worked as trained actor and worked in The Bill and in the West End theatre. He took a postgraduate diploma on the Center for the Journalism studies at Cardiff University. He started his career in reporting in Plymouth in 1995.Cotton had to leave BBCD to become a freelance in the sports broadcasting journalism. He moved from London in order to specialize in the digital TV network Sky sports and Five and ITV.He rejoined BBC during 1998 and as the sport producer as well as the presenter.  He also reported on the Football Focus. He support Crystal Palace FC and he plays cricket, croquet, rounders, badminton with gold. He also enjoys running in the London Marathon.

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He is a husband to a BBC breakfast  presenter known as Susanna Reid.  They live together in Lambeth in the South of London together with their three children. All their children are boys.When it comes to marriage, Susanne Reid is not legally married to him but she lives with him for a long period as a boyfriend. However, this cohabitation that lasted for a long period makes Cotton her husband even if it is unofficial. Even if she says that her relationship is doing well, they are not planning to get married anytime soon.  The couple lives with their three sons. However, it is hard to know their net worth since it has not been published. In addition of getting the salary as a presenter, she appeared also in many movies playing with Derek Thompson, Peter Barkworth, Adrian Dunbar and Harriet Walter. She started he career at BBC Radio in Bristol and she become a reporter as well as producer for Radio 5 live.

Cotton said that he has known Susanna for more than 15 years and they support each other to raise their family.  He attends most of her shows even if he says that the children are too young to attend especially her dancing shows. He supports his girlfriend in whatever possible way he can especially because he has also worked at BBC himself he knows about the work. Whenever she does not have to report to the BBC, they spend the evening together.  Even if they are not married, they has been living together for many years  but they do not consider marriage as a priority.

However both he and his girlfriend reported that sometime people can get confused because they do not wear any ring.  Her girlfriend agreed that she was able to grow while being on his side. He also understands why she does not want to be married because of the divorce of their parents. What he wants is to have a family for his children and marriage is not a must. They both agree that they do not care about having to tie the knot or not.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 16 May, 1967
Age: 52 yrs
Occupations: Journalist
Birth Place: Tarporley
Education: Cardiff University
Gender: Male
Description: British journalist
Net Worth 2021: 5 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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