Dominic Purcell

Dominic Haakon Myrtvedt Purcell is a British born Australian actor. He is known for his roles in Prison Break and Blade Trinity.  His first wife was Rebecca Williamson. They got married in 1997. Dominic got separated from Rebecca in 2007. He has four children with her. In 2011, Dominic was spotted kissing his girlfriend, AnnaLynne McCord. Anna was 25 when Dominic was 42. This relationship lasted only for fifteen months. Seeing her twin sisters getting engaged, she found that her relationship with her boyfriend is not going anywhere and broke the relationship up.

The day after the separation news came out, the pair was seen for the one last time in a café, kissing and hugging. They walked away, hand in hand with big smiles on their faces. This couple is known for doing things in front of a large public audience to show that they are in a relationship. Once, Dominic was carrying Anna’s designer bag as they walked down the street. It was said that Dominic would usually visit Anna on her sets and surprise her. She said in an interview that she loves being in a committed relationship with Dominic, but, does not see him as her husband. She said that she has no rush for marriage, but, wants a relationship that would take her there, eventually.

Just after his divorce was finalized, he started dating Brooke Burns in 2008. Dominic wanted to win the hearts of Burns’ father and daughter. He was seen skating a lot with her daughter. There are no details as when they broke up and the reason behind it. It is assumed that they were not dating for a long time.

The reason for his separation from Rebecca is also not known. They were together for almost a decade and their reps said that the separation was amicable. He said that he would still remain as friends for the sake of his kids. There is no concrete reason as why they broke up. Dominic was not in the middle of an affair. Rebecca was also not known to be cheating on him. There were no noticeable arguments or signs from them. The sources very close to them said that the separation was a shock to all.

The separation happened in a very private manner. No details of the separation were revealed to the public. The spousal support, alimony, settlement cash, custody of the children and the child support payment. There were no legal trials and thus, it is considered that the separation was very smooth.

The relationship between them, after the separation is not known to public. Dominic has never talked about his personal life, his relationship with Rebecca, how he met him or how his marital life was. Rebecca was also not seen talking about her life. Dominic is single as of now and is not in the middle of any serious relationship. His idea about getting married is not known to the public. With Anna’s breakup, it is considered that he does not want to get married, as of now. Details about the dating life of Rebecca are not known.

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Published : Jun 28 2014
Modified : Mar 27 2016
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