Dylan McDermott

Dylan McDermott is an American actor famous for his role as a lawyer in the television drama series, The Practise. He was nominated for Golden Globes and Emmy Awards for the same role. He was born on 26th October 1961. He was born in Connecticut to Diane and Richard McDermott. He is of Italian English Irish descent. His mother was shot dead. It was rumoured that her boyfriend killed her. His parents got divorced in 1967. Sponza, who was dating his mother after her break-up, belonged to a crime mafia gang. He was found dead in 1972, in a parking lot.

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His maternal grandmother, Avis, raised the children, Dylan and his sister. He was close to his father. He often visited his father in the New York City. His father owned a bar and a saloon. He worked with his father for a while in his bar. Dylan was not happy as a teenager. He was, however, interested to pursue his dream in acting. He would practise imitating the style of the legendary actor, Marylin Brando. Dylan was closer to his father’s third wife.  Eve Ensler was his father’s third wedded partner. She was a playwright. He was 15 years old and she was 23 years old. Ensler provided him motivation to pursue his dreams as an actor. Ensler too filed for a divorce with his father. Post the split up, Dylan still maintained friendly relations with Ensler. She was more like a sister and a friend to him. She is the author of The Vagina Monologues.

Dylan acted in many Hollywood movies and television series. He married an actress called, Shiva Rose in 1995. They have two beautiful daughters, namely, Charlotte and Collette. The couple separated in 2007. They finally split in 2009. Dylan now has a girlfriend post his break-up. She is not from the film or the television industry. She is a brunette. They were pictured together during their vacation in Miami Beach. Dylan ended a long marriage. He was probably a good husband. His affair with his new partner is doing the rounds of social media.

Dylan is a good father. He is often pictured taking his girls to tours and vacations. He gained recognition through the movie, Steel Magnolias. Julia Roberts starred in this movie. This movie did not earn a lot of money. It, however, gave fame and recognition to Dylan. He has also worked with many Broadway productions. Dylan has witnessed many ups and down throughout his personal and professional life.

His elder daughter, Colette, is now 18 years old. He is often seen spending time with his daughters and taking care of them. This 52-year-old actor has said on record that the most wonderful feeling he gets is to be there for his daughters. He does not talk much about his ex-partner. He stars in the famous horror series called, American Horror Story on FX channel. His professional life had a decent run. He has done some memorable roles in television series like Dark Blue and Big Shots.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 26 Oct, 1961
Age: 58 yrs
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Waterbury
Education: Fordham University
Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre
Gender: Male
Description: American film, stage and television actor
Spouse: Shiva Rose[1995-2009]
Net Worth 2021: 20 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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