Elizabeth Bracco

Elizabeth Bracco was born in the year 1957 and she is actress who is remembered mostly for the role she had as Marie Stapafore, the wife to Vito Spatafore at the HBO TV series called sopranos. She was able to appear in other films and they are The Imposters, Trees Lounge, Louis &Frank and Mystery Man. She had minor roles in the movies called The Color of Money and in Stakeout. She did appear in the Crime Story for its pilot for TV series. She was born to Lorraine Bracco, who is also an actress. They are of English and Italian ancestry. She got married to another actor Aidan Quinn from 1987. The family lives in Englewood, of New Jersey. They have got two children together, both daughters. They are Ava and Mia and Ava is suffering autism. Elizabeth Bracco had to retire from active acting so that she can focus more on her children.

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Elizabeth Bracco is known as a successful actress and this is something that she deserves. She appeared in many movies and TV shows. Her roles include in Tree Lounge and in Mystery Train. Since she was born in 1957, she is over 58 years for her age. She is of American nationality but her ethnicity is not confirmed. She is an aunt to Margaux Guerard and to Stella Keital.

Her biography can be found from many wiki websites but it is not clear if she is involved into the social media too much since there is no information to confirm this. This also means that she is not likely to upload the photos so that she can share them with her fans or family. As a successful actress, she may be having a large net worth but the exact figure is not known. When she was still young, she liked to show off her legs and she used to be hot in the red bikini and likes to show hot and sexy legs to her fans. Up to now, she did not lose her charm. She looks good with the perfect curves. She is an intellectual woman and has the best sense of humor.

From her husband’s bio, Aidan Quinn is a successful actor and has a net worth which is over 9 million dollars. He started to act with Chicago Theater when he was only 19 and afterwards, he trained with Piven Theater Workshop. His work in Early Frost got him the first Emmy Award nomination. Aidan had appeared in other movies include the Last Temptation of Christ of Martin Scorsese. He is now acting in Elementary television series which are being aired at CBS. He plays as Captain Thomas Tommy Gregson. Aidan Quinn was born in the year 1959, in the city of Chicago in the state of Illinois. His parents are Michael Quinn and Teresa Quinn. He was born with Robert, Marian, Paul and Declan.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 5 Nov, 1957
Age: 62 yrs
Occupations: Actor
Television actor
Film actor
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Bay Ridge
residence: Englewood
Gender: Female
Description: American actress
Spouse: Aidan Quinn [M. 1987]
Net Worth 2021: 24 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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